Dreams and Words

And dreams OF words…I dream about words – occasionally. Is that weird? Or, you know, normal because some of you dream about words?

Last night, for the second time in the last 3 days I dreamt about the word ‘awkward’.  Last night’s dream is still very vivid in my mind and a bit confusing because it referenced the dream I had a few nights ago.

Dream #1 – somewhat vague at this point but I had written a lengthy essay about the word awkward. Can’t recall anything more than that.

Dream #2 – Someone is holding up a piece of paper with the paragraph I had written and I’m trying to read what I wrote but they pull it away and I’m calling out “Wait, I haven’t finished reading it!” Then I’m thinking I will write a poem about dreaming about the word awkward (I’ve done this before, dreamt a word and wrote a poem about it)

Then the dream gets weirder – All of a sudden I am looking at a movie poster with Mary Tyler Moore and Elvis Presley (I had to look up the name of the movie – it was “Change of Habit” I couldn’t remember the name of the movie in my dream) and I say “Aren’t they so young and beautiful” and voice says “Yes, but they were older than you and they’re dead now and you’re not”

Then I’m back to the word awkward and saying “How can I write a poem about it. There’s no poem there”

And then I was fully awake…What the hell???

Ready for a little weird??

Back story: Last week a friend sent me flowers. They have resided on my dining table since then.  The only time they have left the dining table is when I changed the water and clipped the stems on Sunday. I pretty much stare/look/gaze at this vase of flowers many times during the day. I move the vase closer and farther away from me depending on how much table space I need.

This morning I had breakfast, moved the vase around. Actually did a closer scrutiny ’cause I think they are on their last legs.  The flowers are pretty tightly wedged into the vase – like so

Now then – did you notice something odd in the bottom of the vase?

Yes, there is a penny – heads up. The weird part? That penny was NOT THERE at 8:30 this morning! It somehow magically appeared between 8:30 and 11:30am – in that 2 hour time frame I showered and dressed, did some work at my desk – I was away from the dining table for those 2 hours.

Now a little more back story – My father, who is deceased, would always leave me pennies (heads up for good luck) at stressful times in my life but he stopped doing it quite a while ago and I missed that, and missed his presence.

So – where the hell did that penny come from? Is my Dad back, letting me know he’s still watching out for me? I don’t know. I do know this is just plain weird. I’m quite used to weird mind you, but I haven’t had a lot of weird in my life in a long time. I’m kinda glad it’s back.