For Christmas I received a 6 month subscription to Harry & David’s Fruit of the Month Club. So far I have received 2 different kinds of pears and 2 kinds of citrus – I don’t eat citrus and the pears were awful. I had high hopes for the pineapple I received last week but…they don’t send fruit that is anywhere near ripe and most fruit will not ripen off the tree (or vine or wherever they might grow).  I cut up that pineapple and found a recipe for 3 ingredient pineapple bread. Seemed easy enough what could go wrong? It was awful!

I think I’m over my need to bake something but just in case y’all are craving some easy to make sweets I offer 2 of my favorite recipes. I have made these so many times I don’t even need to look at the written recipes – I know them off by heart.



Lemon cake puddingsmaller

If you’d like a little music with these, how about “Sweets for My Sweets”