Getting old is not for sissies,

as some folks are discovering, according to some blog posts I have read recently.  Most of these folks are younger than I – much younger.

I’ve been tracking the changes of getting old(er) for a while now, one of them being that the days of “I can eat anything – I’ve got a cast iron stomach.” are long past.  I went so far as to write about it –

Getting old is not for sissies,
So they say,
and they,
are right.

Unlike J. Alfred, peaches
are not a problem
but peppers

Green and hot,
onions raw,
salami, cheese,
all of these

Bring me to my
knees, and more,
find my husband

At the store.
Pepto, Maalox,
liquid chalk –

All are bought,
and chewed and drunk.
Gagging, gasping
oh the pain!

As I moan,
Never again.

Amazing how a good
nights sleep
has me now on
steady feet.

What’s for lunch?

© Grace St. Clair
(March 2010)

Back in the day – (here I go again!)

I am not a fan of memorizing without understanding. Nor am I capable of it. While I have a talent for remembering and memorization I could never memorize something I didn’t understand – probably why I flunked Geometry II. Or never really mastered another language. The exhortation to “Just memorize it, you don’t have to understand it” never worked for me, actually never made sense to me – but you know, that’s just me.

That said, all through grammar school, as part of the reading curriculum, we had to memorize a poem every week. I loved that because I have always loved poetry. (The first creative writing I ever did was poetry. Ah, the poetry of an 8-year old. I still have a few, cringe worthy, but sweet.)  Bits and pieces of those poems still stick in my head and pop into my consciousness at odd, and sometimes appropriate, moments.

Many mornings, like this morning, when I wake up, the first thing I am conscious of thinking is:

“Here hath been dawning
Another blue Day:
Think wilt thou let it
Slip useless away.”
~ ~ ~ ~Thomas Carlyle

While today is not a blue day, as in sunshine and blue skies, it is indeed a rather dreary rainy day, but I am feeling well rested, and, if not totally energized, at least upbeat and looking forward to accomplishing something, anything, today.

Happiness is – feeling rested and hopeful, if only for practical things, and starting your day with odd bits of poetry making you smile.