What’s wrong with looking good?

Aside from major plastic/cosmetic surgery there ain’t nuthin’ I can do to look good. My good-looking days are over. That said – this morning I cut my hair (yes, I do cut my own hair, all the time time because a) it’s easy to do and b) I seem to be the only person who can cut my hair the way I want it cut.). I also tweezed my eyebrows into some semblance of shape and form and for good measure I gave myself a facial – a nice moisturizing, deep cleaning mask.

None of that made me look good, just a teeny bit better. The revelation of my life came late – and that was getting my eyebrows shaped (via waxing and tweezing) by a professional. Holy carp! That was like getting a face lift. Seriously.  Now I have to do it myself, not the waxing bit just using the tweezers, not as good as a pro but you know good enough and better than nothing.

And that’s the one piece of grooming advice I would (and do) give to everyone, male and female – Get Your Eyebrows Done!

Make-up is fun – when I was young I wore make-up. Given my age that included white eyeshadow (Oh my lord was that an awful fad), black eyeliner swooped out into wings – I was a genius with the eyeliner.  Mascara is a given, nothing to discuss – use it.

Blush – always a good idea – but blend it, please. Foundation and all that other crap – not for me. Thankfully I never needed it.

And then there is lipstick – I HATE lipstick but I have to admit it does perk up a person’s face.

I haven’t had a lick of make-up on my face in years – mainly because I don’t go out in public except for grocery shopping and doctor’s appointments. (Living in lock-down is my NORMAL living situation.)  I still have my bag of make-up tucked away in the closet. I wouldn’t use any of it now because it is old, stale and probably yucky. Plus, you should replace all of that stuff, at minimum, every six months.

Yes, everyone is beautiful and all that stuff (does anyone actually believe that? I’ve got a mirror folks, I do know what I look like and it ain’t pretty!). But whatever your attitude is towards make-up and enhancements of any kind, please, just do your damn eyebrows!

Everything reminds me of a song.

This morning’s “Morning Musings” with Rory (of A Guy Called Bloke)  was about, amongst other things, words. So naturally my mind jumped to the song “Words” by the BeeGees – I’m not a big fan of the group but this is such a total earworm –

Ah but then later in the day Buddy posted Remember Me (Wednesday Whisper), a pretty picture and a lovely poem I guess you could call it. So lovely. And that reminded me of a song by the greatest duetists of all time – the inimitable Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt – “Please Remember Me” If you have never heard it, please give it a listen. So fabulous. And do please go and read Buddy’s post –


For Christmas I received a 6 month subscription to Harry & David’s Fruit of the Month Club. So far I have received 2 different kinds of pears and 2 kinds of citrus – I don’t eat citrus and the pears were awful. I had high hopes for the pineapple I received last week but…they don’t send fruit that is anywhere near ripe and most fruit will not ripen off the tree (or vine or wherever they might grow).  I cut up that pineapple and found a recipe for 3 ingredient pineapple bread. Seemed easy enough what could go wrong? It was awful!

I think I’m over my need to bake something but just in case y’all are craving some easy to make sweets I offer 2 of my favorite recipes. I have made these so many times I don’t even need to look at the written recipes – I know them off by heart.



Lemon cake puddingsmaller

If you’d like a little music with these, how about “Sweets for My Sweets”

Ever the contrarian

Conversation I had with my husband this morning…

Me: You know with all this stay-at-home, lock-down stuff people are saying how they are watching a lot more tv and eating more and gaining weight…

Husband: So?

Me: Well, I am watching NO tv, eating less and losing weight.

Husband: You have always been contrary…

It’s a flip-flopping amazing day!

What an incredible stunning day! It’s 64º but feels much warmer, sky isn’t as blue as it could be but I’ll take it. There is the lightest of breezes and all the windows are open. The only sound is – birds, just birds. (Okay, right this very minute I can hear a helicopter but given where I live that’s to be expected – spitting distance to the Pentagon, near enough to military bases that on a clear night I can hear them blow taps and  6 miles to the White House – what can I say?)

All winter long I was worrying about my pet tree – a Japanese dogwood. It certainly looked dead as a door knob but – Poof! – just like that, practically overnight, she has leafed out and bloomed again. I love my tree!

Had to go to the grocery store today, I jerry-rigged some masks and lo and behold I got everything I went for – still empty shelves (No soup for you!) but my husband got all his junk food – no, not chips – sweets. I don’t eat sweets other than the occasional superior bit of chocolate. (Damn, I love See’s candy.)

Best of all, sausages just got delivered! I love me my sausage. Saw a posting on Nextdoor over the weekend that a local charcuterie delivered. Who knew there was one here? Not me! Got me some Greek style lamb sausage and Irish style bangers. I love Irish bangers – Guess what’s for dinner tonight – You got it – bangers and mash.

I know the rest of the world is in turmoil but my world is just fabulous – well today anyway. We have lived “lock-down” style for years so our daily lives have not changed at all, until I read the paper (which gets delivered to my door) every morning I am unaware of what is going on in the outside world because except for a weekly trip to the grocery store I am never in the outside world.

I realize most people are having a problem coping with this lockdown lifestyle but for some of us it is life as usual.

Fun with Fotos and…

My cats don’t exactly like each other. When they do share the same space, they keep their distance but, what always fascinates me, they mimic each others position. Sunday afternoons, more often than not, they can be found in bed, separate, but together and same as – the photos never come out very good because the light in the bedroom isn’t great so I duded them up – 

First – the Picasso effect

And then the scribble effect

Moving on – yesterday I was looking out the dining room windows and to my left, just at eye level, if you’re standing on my neighbor’s balcony, I noticed something odd in the tree. This morning I put the long lens on my camera to see if I could get a better look. It is some critter’s nest. I haven’t seen any critters going in or out but it is interesting, no?

NEWS FLASH – After I published this and I was looking at it on my big screen I noticed something furry in that nest! Could it be? A squirrels nest? I’m thinkin’ it is!