Ah, technology!

The virus lockdown stuff has had little to no effect on our lives. My husband has been telecommuting for 12 years now. We only ever left our apartment to go grocery shopping and doctor’s appointments – so no change there.  We have been living in social isolation all these years now. I’ve never really adjusted to it so my angst is just business as usual.

Therefore I rely on technology for everything – social stuff, business stuff, shopping stuff, entertainment stuff. My computer and my internet connection are my be all and end all. That said…

Yesterday our internet went out around 1pm and didn’t come back until 9pm! Hoo-boy that’s a long time to be disconnected from my “life”. The upside was that I got a lot of administrative work done – boring bits and bobs that I have been putting off (procrastination thy name is Grace).  Luckily I had done all the bookkeeping on Monday so bills had been paid (end of month bill paying, you know).

That left the evening. My husband usually watches the news from 6pm-7pm and then watches ‘entertainment television’ until 9:30 or so. He eats his dinner while watching. Me, I rarely eat dinner and I never watch “television” in the living room because a) there is nowhere for me to sit and b) I have little interest in anything on offer and I can’t pay attention to anything for more than an hour – seriously, 45 minutes is really my limit for sitting passively and looking at something.

I get the kitchen cleaned and closed for the day by 7:30pm, take out the trash and then I – well I will watch one bit of entertainment – Lately my go-to is Escape to the Country on YouTube. I LOVE house hunting shows. I got addicted to these when we watched them on Acorn or BritBox – neither has had any new ones so I’m catching up on 20 seasons of the show via YouTube. I can actually filter the episodes by host (I have a huge crush on Jules Hudson LOL and I can avoid Alistair whatever-the-hell-his name is).

Last night we had to resort to Scrabble and dang I had a good night. Usually my husband wins by a wide margin, last night it was my turn – 297 to 196! Go me! I think the funniest part was I seemed to have a theme going. I started with ‘doth’ and proceeded to ‘fain’ and ‘thwart’ and later building on that to ‘athwart’ – You see the theme, don’t you. I thought it was hilarious.

It’s always a good day when I can beat my husband at Scrabble – the only technology needed was my brain!

P.S. – These new large print keyboards are da bomb! You have vision issues? Big finger issues? Shaky hand issues? You so gotta look into one of these.

10 thoughts on “Ah, technology!

    • I could get it done earlier, it all depends on how involved I get in whatever book I’m reading and whether I can get the cat to eat! We have our main meal around 12:30, I don’t eat dinner and my husband makes himself a sandwich – so just cat dishes, coffee cup, coffee pot – easy-peasy. (BTW – your comment went into my spam folder which I never check but for some strange reason I just did, and there you were. Sorry!)

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  1. When I was working, I loved when the internet went out! I got so much done around the house! It hasn’t gone out in a long time so I mentioned to J the other day that we need to unplug from everything and do something for an entire day away from computers, phones and TV. He hasn’t agreed and I think he got hives when I included TV! We don’t have scrabble because I don’t know those winning words but I would enjoy playing something like you and G did. Sounds like a fun time to me!

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    • When you go to the Coast or fruit picking you are away from all that technology, no? And honey bunny, we WERE playing Scrabble – it’s just that the only words I could think of to make with the letters I kept getting were old-timey words – I think it was four in a row and I said “Oh, look I have a theme going” G wasn’t amused because he was losing by that time and indeed he lost the game – that doesn’t happen often – I was stoked!


      • We still have our phones when we go places so check them from time to time. I want a day where we don’t even look at them! As for the game, I was typing that on my phone at 4am so it came out all wrong! I knew you were playing Scrabble so what I meant is that I’d like to play a game, any game, with J like you and G were doing. It sounds like a fun time together especially if I were to win too!

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        • Ah…I was confused by your seeming confusion LOL I’m not much of a board game player and I sure don’t play cards (G comes from a card playing family) but Scrabble I can do. I would do jigsaw puzzles too but G doesn’t like them and it’s more fun to do them with someone. I liked Trivial Pursuit back in the day, I guess I like knowledge games rather than games depending on chance – I always thought casinos were just plain stupid…


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