It IS a Thing…Dilly, Dilly

I’m not much of a woo-woo person but there are some alternative practices and methods that I support wholeheartedly mainly because I’ve tried them, they work. Acupuncture, hypnosis and aromatherapy – all of them worked for me. Maybe I’m easy or suggestible (I am so not); cynicism is my first reaction to anything even remotely woo-woo but sometimes I suspend disbelief and go with it.

Aromatherapy, specifically lavender, is my go-to soother.  It is actually one of the essential oils that even the medical establishment acknowledges as having a calming effect and can be helpful with sleeplessness.  (There are links at the end of the post if you are interested in what the ‘experts’ have to say.) Essential oils will not cure any illness but they will alter moods, and sometimes that’s all you need.

Whenever a friend expresses that they are stressed or having trouble sleeping I send them something made with lavender essential oil – most times a candle, often sachets and most recently, cologne.

As I was preparing to write this I started researching lavender and my oh my does it get complicated and I won’t bore you with the details of types and places, it is more information than anyone really wants to know, unless you are contemplating becoming a lavender farmer. I will say that if you use essential oils then you must bite the budget bullet and get the best because a lesser grade or a diluted essential oil will, quite frankly, stink (literally and figuratively).

But the scent of lavender and the various colors of purple are a bit of an obsession with me.  A fairly new obsession I might add. Until I was in my early 50’s the color red and scents like Obsession, warm spicy scents (before Obsession I wore Tabu, Shalimar and Coriandre) were my identity, now it’s purple and lavender.

I believe in an essential self and that as we get older that essential self manifests itself more and more over the self that we created when we were young. When we longer have anything to prove we can be who we really are – I’m lavender scented purple.

Aromatherapy Links:
Medical News Today, Healthline, Mayo Clinic, Web MD, Wikipedia

12 thoughts on “It IS a Thing…Dilly, Dilly

  1. Do you use lavender to help with sleep or for other uses? What brand do you use? I’ve used lavender scented Epsom salt for baths before bed and also used lavender scented lotion at night both to help with sleep. Not sure if it really works because I don’t think I used it often enough. I don’t have trouble falling asleep but I sure have trouble staying asleep so maybe I should revisit using lavender.

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    • You might want to try lavender essential oil in a cold mist diffuser in your bedroom. I’ve gone through a lot of brands of essential oils and haven’t found one I was truly thrilled with. I just did a search and will be the next company I try. Also has the most wonderful lavender products, I use the cologne but I see they also have essential oil. Never ever buy essential oils or perfumes etc from Amazon. You never know how long they’ve been sitting in a warehouse and some I’ve bought through Amazon were just awful. If you have any health food stores in your town you might want to check them out as well. Poor quality lavender oil will smell a bit sharp or harsh, good quality has a soft, light aroma. I haven’t found a good lavender room spray yet, sometimes I just spritz some of my cologne in the air! Also if you want another sleep aid try Magnesium L-Threonate – but just take ONE capsule (500mg) about 2 hours before you go to bed and not only will you sleep better but it helps with muscle cramps for some strange reason. Again, check out your local health food store for this, tho I buy mine from Amazon.


    • It was quite a few years after I had read that poem that purple began to sneak into my life. I think it started with my 54th birthday when I asked for anything purple but I was still wearing mostly red and black, it didn’t completely take me over until about 10 years ago. I adore you but have no great affection for the scent of vanilla and oddly enough the perfumes I wore when I was young have a vanilla undertone LOL


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