What with my new schedule and all

I don’t sit down to my computer until mid afternoon. Oh sure I check emails and manage to do a little random reading of blogs and news articles but that’s mostly done in the bathroom or while waiting on lunch to cook. I usually read a book while eating lunch and breakfast is shared with a real newspaper delivered to my door every morning.

Anywaaay –

I always say I am not creative but actually I am, in my own sorta way. I’m great with thinking outside the box (so to speak). I’ve been MacGyvering way before MacGyver. I can make do like nobody’s business. Or find a solution that is frugal.

Por ejemplo – I have never had a kitchen big enough to accomodate, well, anything other than the basic sink/fridge/stove and a miniscule amount of counter space. Actually I think the kitchen I have now is the biggest kitchen I’ve ever had and even with that there is no place to put the coffee pots ( only one now but we used to have two – his and hers coffee pots, but that’s another story.)

When we moved here I used the creative, out of the box solution which I had devised for the house in Philadelphia but it just didn’t look good here. My solution was to buy a narrow table with drawers (the drawers holding coffee pot filters etc) Clever me. But, as coffee pots are wont to do, there was some spillage and stuff, so before any major damage was done I covered the top of the table with clear contact paper. Ta Da! Problem solved.

Eventually, contact paper being just, you know, contact paper I removed it and just went with the bare wood. Not a good idea. The top of that table got trashy quick enough and one major incident warped the top of the table. Eww. But I was so NOT buying a new table. I happened to have a 2 wooden placemats (I have no idea why, they’re just pretty.) So I put one of them under the coffee pot (we are down to one coffee pot at the moment). Okay, didn’t look great but solved the immediate problem. I got tired of looking at that mess – the finish was gone from the top of the table, the placemat was a color and pattern that clashed with everything (not that I am a matchy-matchy person but please there has to be some color coordination!)

My solution? More contact paper – on the table top and also the wooden placemat under the coffee pot because coffee pots do what they do and contact paper isn’t all that sturdy – and voilà

(Also too – if you, like me, do not have your own washer/dryer and need to quickly hand wash some small things, like masks in my case, did you know a skirt/pants hanger makes a terrific drying rack?)

8 thoughts on “What with my new schedule and all

    • Thanks – When G got up from his nap that was the first thing he noticed and he likes it a lot. The color is even nicer in real life. I searched for light green contact paper and on my screen it looked a bit more neon so I was a little wary about what it really looked like – I was so pleased when I opened the package.


    • Thanks, I’ve been trying to think of a way to describe it and it is the color of light green grapes…it is really pretty, the more I look at it the more I really really like it.


      • I can’t speak for everyone, but no I don’t read in the bathroom I go in there and do my business and get out. I would hope that you would sanitize your iPad after using the bathroom.


      • So many people there is a very funny Seinfeld episode where George takes a large art book into the bathroom of the bookstore they are in because he had to go to the bathroom. He had to buy the book and couldn’t return it anywhere because somehow they had flagged it as being in the bathroom. Lol

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