Dreams and Words

And dreams OF words…I dream about words – occasionally. Is that weird? Or, you know, normal because some of you dream about words?

Last night, for the second time in the last 3 days I dreamt about the word ‘awkward’.  Last night’s dream is still very vivid in my mind and a bit confusing because it referenced the dream I had a few nights ago.

Dream #1 – somewhat vague at this point but I had written a lengthy essay about the word awkward. Can’t recall anything more than that.

Dream #2 – Someone is holding up a piece of paper with the paragraph I had written and I’m trying to read what I wrote but they pull it away and I’m calling out “Wait, I haven’t finished reading it!” Then I’m thinking I will write a poem about dreaming about the word awkward (I’ve done this before, dreamt a word and wrote a poem about it)

Then the dream gets weirder – All of a sudden I am looking at a movie poster with Mary Tyler Moore and Elvis Presley (I had to look up the name of the movie – it was “Change of Habit” I couldn’t remember the name of the movie in my dream) and I say “Aren’t they so young and beautiful” and voice says “Yes, but they were older than you and they’re dead now and you’re not”

Then I’m back to the word awkward and saying “How can I write a poem about it. There’s no poem there”

And then I was fully awake…What the hell???

16 thoughts on “Dreams and Words

    1. Most of the time I forget all about the quarantine, the one day I leave the apartment I sometimes forget my mask and have to go back for it….


  1. Dreams are mystical creatures. Some say they have meaning and others say they’re random oddities that mean nothing. My mother had a “dream book” years ago, that supposedly explained what each dream meant. It disappeared (aka: my one brother stole it!!!!!) and mom bought another one but it wasn’t the same. If I had mom’s original dream book I could look up the word “awkward” for you & at least tell you what the book said it meant. But alas… the interpretation must be left up to you. I can’t say I’ve ever dreamt of one word… but maybe I have and just don’t remember.

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    1. My mother had a ‘dream’ book too, I bet it was the same one your mother had! I think some dreams are just your mind clearing out the days detritus but when there themes to your dreams (inadvertent rhyme there) then I think they are indicative of..something.


  2. Grace, I don’t see a way to leave a comment on your post from today (July 4th) so I thought I’d leave it here. There’s nothing wrong with not celebrating any “holidays” and you absolutely have that right not to ever celebrate a thing. Those of us getting together with our families today probably aren’t really celebrating the date…. it’s just a day to get together, maybe share something to eat, have a few laughs, and watch the kids enjoy sparklers. If all that’s called a “holiday”, well…. that’s ok too. To each their own. By the way, your disdain for human beings is somewhat shared by me too. I’ve always said…. I don’t like most people I’ve met in my lifetime and the folks I do like are usually “animal people”, like myself. So I hear ya. Right now I’d like to have my hands around the neck of whoever’s been setting off huge boomer-fireworks since noon in our area. What an inconsiderate ass!

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