4 thoughts on “Greater love…

  1. Loved hearing you tawk and loved hearing about Spaldeens! I hadn’t heard of those before since I didn’t grow up playing stick ball in KS. We played in fields and creeks (which we pronounced as cricks). I read the links and the second one had the New Yawker speak in the title which took me a minute to figure out. Lol!. Glad you found a ball that Miss Frankie Lulu Belle can enjoy and not lose too quickly!

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    1. I just hate to type and there’s a lot of times that tawkin is just more fun and interesting than writing! Yeah, city kids have to be inventive and adaptable so yeah take those defective tennis ball centers and sell ’em to city kids…


  2. Grace, that was THE best video! Honest to gawd! You should do more video entries, if you so desire. I loved listening to you… in fact I was captivated. Spaldeens! I will never forget what they are now! (PS~ I know I’ve used too many exclamation points but I couldn’t help it. They were warranted.)

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    1. Andrea you crack me up! And thanks for the kind words. BTW – y’all are about 10 years younger than I and I was delighted to read that you and your hubby ride motorcycles? Cool!


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