Fotoshop Flubs and Flag Day

Real estate is my little obsession – I have listings from around the country sent to me via Zillow and Trulia, I also “travel’ internationally via real estate listings. This morning I was scrolling through a 2.5 million dollar home and noticed something odd –
There was something like 42 photos with this listing and in at least half of them images of this dog were inserted in “appropriate” places including a blanket  with the dog’s image thrown over a chair.  I’m guessing someone associated with this home is a fan of this breed of dog. It was just so badly done.

And then, in honor of flag day, which has no significance to me as I don’t have a patriotic bone in my body, Eddie Izzard

7 thoughts on “Fotoshop Flubs and Flag Day

    1. It got me talking about the listing, I don’t know about anyone else. It’s been on and off the market now for a year – original asking price was 2.7 million – they dropped the price twice and then took it off the market. Back on the market 3 weeks ago for 2,650,000 and they just dropped the price to 2, 597,000. Still no takers. It would be interesting to follow the listing to see if it ever sells and at what price. Property taxes are over 2 million a year! The last time it was sold was 2016 for 1.5 million…


      1. My mouth is hanging at the cost of the property taxes. Holy moly!! It’s hard to even fathom anyone having that much money. I mean, I know people do but… why would anyone spend $2M just on property taxes?!! My mouth is hanging open about a lot of stuff these days!

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        1. I was wrong. You know what now that you mentioned it that does sound too high so I just went back and checked – that was the tax assessment, the last property tax listed was for 2018 and that was $16,000 on a $1,879,000 tax assessment. My bad!


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