And my kitchen smells yummy already

A couple of weeks ago I scored some beef short ribs at the little market – half the price of the chain grocery stores I might add. And that just put me in mind to make some gravy – tomato/spaghetti sauce to you non-Italians – to put with cavatelli and ricotta. I don’t make my own cavatelli, I buy it frozen. What you do is plop a nice big spoon full of ricotta in your dish, add the cooked cavatelli, then a healthy spoon full of gravy plus grated romano – mix that all up and mangia! The beef ribs will have cooked themselves bone clean so you’re going to have big shreds of beef in there too. OMG – so good!

I noticed something odd when I opened a new bottle of wine (for the gravy, not to drink. I don’t drink alcoholic beverages but I do use wine to cook with.) I buy an inexpensive brand called Barefoot.  It’s good enough to cook with but I wouldn’t drink it by the glass. I buy the smallest bottles because those are the ones that will fit in the door of the fridge. My fridge is small and basic, I used to have a big fancy one that came with the condo but it was a PITA because a) it took up a lot of precious space in my small kitchen and b) I never had enough food to fill it even halfway and things were always freezing in the fridge part even tho I kept the temperature at the lowest recommended setting. Fridges work best when they are full. Anyway – the Barefoot white wine I buy – Pinot Grigio – comes with a screw top, the red wine I buy comes with a cork. Why? Doesn’t white wine rate a cork?

Back in the beginning of March I made some changes to my living schedule which involved when, and what I eat. The main, or big meal of the day is now consumed around Noon-ish rather than 7pm. Sometimes there is no ‘big meal of the day’ and my husband has to content himself with sandwiches and whatever else he can scare up. Which means I am cooking (and we all know how much I hate to cook) in the morning! In.The.Morning. We all know I don’t do mornings – yet it seems to be working out.

This cavetelli meal will be eaten tomorrow, which is why I am making the gravy this afternoon.  Yesterday I made meatloaf and mashed potatoes, eaten about 12:30 and today, for lunch aka main meal we had leftover meatloaf and spinach. See the thing is – eating your main meal in the middle of the day is really better for your digestion and all that happy horse manure. But also it means, that once I clean up the kitchen after lunch I’m done for the day! It means I pretty much have the afternoon and evening to do whatever I want uninterrupted – afternoon and evenings is when I am most alert, so this new schedule should be allowing me to be more productive with things I actually WANT to do. It hasn’t quite worked out that way – yet.

Oh my gosh I just went into the kitchen to stir the gravy and it smells so good after only an hour – it will be at least another 2 hours before I can dip some bread in – just to taste – and then another hour after that for it to be done. I know – like 4 hours for this to reach it’s ultimate thick and rich yumminess. Oh I cannot wait for lunch tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “And my kitchen smells yummy already

  1. I could smell your gravy all the way over here, in Indiana, Grace…. did you know? 😀

    We have the same eating schedule and have had since hubby retired. Our “big meal” of the day is served between noon and 1pm. Yep, dishes done for the day nice & early… and heck, I’ve usually even got my shower done & nightgown on by 6pm or slightly before. My energy level is didley-squat after about 4pm or so, so any laundry or dishes or whatever that hasn’t been done by then is going to have to wait until the next day.

    The cavatelli noodles look absolutely delicious. My hubby & youngest daughter are gaga for pasta like that. As for me the short ribs would be my favorite part.

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    1. 4 in the afternoon is when my energy kicks in LOL That’s why I like obligations to be over and done early in the day. That’s why most of my posts are in the afternoon…I muddle through mornings doing mindless stuff – like cooking, in the late afternoon, early evening is when I’m energized – I have been scrubbing bathrooms at 8pm – because that’s when I’ve had the energy. It’s nice to get the food thing out of the way and done and then I can spend the rest of the day doing what I want, and occasionally, what I need to do. The food thing just annoys the hell out of me…


  2. Cavatelli and gravy AND meatloaf? Oh my, my, my! Wish I could come for a visit! I tell J all the time I want meatloaf but he hasn’t made it in over a year. We’re having grilled chicken tonight but we have been having our main meals at lunch since he’s working from home. Today he had meetings all day so it’s happening tonight instead. I’m sure it turned out fabulous today!

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    1. The cavatelli and gravy and beef ribs with ricotta was delicious – always is – gravy is really hard to screw up LOL Having your heaviest main meal in the middle of the day and eating lightly at night is really the healthiest schedule – I can’t eat a bit meal at night anymore – it just leaves me feeling heavy and loggy and I don’t sleep well…


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