Champing at the bit or

chomping at the bit? Grammar Girl will fill you on on which is correct.

Anywaay – I got a notice last night that a book I’ve had on hold for 4 months, yes, that’s right, 4 – count ’em 4 – months finally became available. I didn’t want to start it last night because that would have meant that I would be up all night reading.

This morning was a laundry morning, so I was up at the crack of dawn to get first crack at the community laundry room and then I had an opthamologist appointment at 1pm. I’m home now but still refraining from diving into my book because it will be hours before the dilation wears off. Right now the world is still all bright and beautiful and fuzzy.

Once I dive into that book I will not be coming up for air until I’ve finished it – so maybe after dinner. Which book is it, you ask? Why, “Olive, Again” by Elizabeth Strout.  Hands down, I do believe Elizabeth Strout is my favorite novelist of all time. I have all her books, and I dip into them from time to time just to soothe my soul.

“My Name is Lucy Barton” is far and away my favorite book of hers, I can’t recall exactly how many times I’ve read it or how many bits and pieces I have copied out (I could go into my quotes folder and count them if you really must know…)

Anyway, anyway – I can barely see the screen so I’m gonna sign off – I have no idea how many errors there must be in this short post and when I can actually see normally I’ll come back and fix them – I think I need to just lie down now in a darkened room for a bit.

4 thoughts on “Champing at the bit or

  1. I haven’t read any of her books but I put”‘My Name is Lucy Barton” on my to read list. Our library has been closed since March and I had checked out a book before then which I still have but haven’t read. I picked it up last minute when I was picking up another book that was on hold so I didn’t know anything about it. It’s called “The Ten Thousand Doors of January”. It has great reviews but I read two pages and thought it would take too much effort so I put it down. Depending on when the library opens I could still have time to read it but probably won’t.

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    1. If you only read one book by Elizabeth Strout then make it “My Name is Lucy Barton”, then read “Olive” – there was an HBO adapation of ‘Olive” which was quite good – I saw it before I read the book. They both can stand alone.


  2. Thank you for the book/author recommend, Grace. I’m always on the lookout for such things. I think I’ll start with “Olive” first and then graduate to this one you’re reading now. My, it sure has some mighty accolades on Amazon, plus awards. I can’t wait to dive in to this author. Thanks again!

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    1. Oh, do please read “My Name is Lucy Barton” . “Olive” is great, yes, but Lucy Barton – maybe it’s just me but it rang so many bells – so many. I still haven’t cracked open “Olive, Again” perhaps this afternoon I’ll be able to set aside a few uninterrupted hours to read.


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