What a gorgeous day!

I just got an email from ancestry.com that I had new dna matches and when I clicked on my account I found that I had 2 messages from my niece – turns out that my female dna contributor died 2 weeks ago! My first and only reaction is –

You may think that is cruel and insensitive but then, so was she!

7 thoughts on “What a gorgeous day!

  1. Well, at least you don’t have to wonder anymore. I’m grateful that the only thing she contributed to you is DNA and not any of her horrible qualities. She lived a long life void of knowing how amazing you are. You have many people who love you including me!

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  2. I hope that somehow her death brings you a modicum of satisfaction, Grace…. even if it’s just a little bit. Sometimes simply knowing those people don’t walk the earth anymore makes us feel better. My only surviving brother died last July. I found out about it in the newspaper. Of course he (& his family) dug the last of his knives into my back even in his obituary. *gawd* Idiot! I severed ties with him and his “crew” years & years ago but somehow knowing he wasn’t breathing air anymore made me feel satisfied.

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    1. My curiosity is satisfied – I expected her to live forever since neither heaven nor hell wanted her. I have, over the years checked obituaries since I had no other way to find out whether she was living or dead – but really, it’s just idle curiosity. If it wasn’t for the corona virus she would probably have lived on for lord knows how many more years! According to my niece she tested positive for the virus, they put her in the hospital for penumonia and she died in her sleep. All this means really is that I have one less question on my mental check-list. BTW – she was 103.5 years old.


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