How stupid are you?

That, of course, is a rhetorical question. Those to whom it is addressed won’t recognize themselves. (Growing up I was always told never to use the word ‘stupid’ because it was insulting and demeaning – so, perfect usage here, don’tcha think?) I rarely, if ever, comment or write about anything political and I’ll maintain that stance even now. There are many folks who are writing cogently and coherently on the status of the USA, far more so than I could ever, so I shan’t add my ire to the fire. Tho it did occur to me while I was in the shower this morning that the acronym POTUS can easily be abbreviated to a more descriptive form by removing the T and U – leaving – POS.

Moving on to fluff –

I’m a ‘throw everything in one pan’ type cook. Back in March I bought a slow cooker and the best and only use I’ve had for it is to make my version of beef stew. I tried doing pork in it but no matter how much I trim the pork it just winds up to be a big pot of liquid pork fat. Draining off the fat is a huge mess and PITA – so beef stew it is. The only upside to making stew in this pot is that I don’t have to pay attention to it – don’t have to be aware that I must rouse myself to go to the kitchen and stir it so it doesn’t burn or stick to the pot or whatever else may happen to an unattended pot of food. That is also a downside because in the slow cooker the ‘juice’ never thickens and I have to make a slurry to thicken the sauce. I’ve never been fond of adding flour to my juicy concoctions – I really prefer to have it cook down naturally into thick, rich goodness. Oh well, can’t have everything.

Every time I make stew it is a little different than the time before – I vary the seasonings – today I added chili lime seasoning – that should be fun, hopefully give it a bit of a kick. Also, after I browned/seared the beef I mixed up the liquid elements in the same saute pan so I could get all the nice brown bits. The liquid elements in my beef stew are: a small can of no salt added diced tomatoes, red wine, a packet of no salt beef broth, some water, a couple of healthy shakes of Worcestershire sauce and for additional flavor a whole bunch of garlic. There is no measuring. I only measure for baking – baking is science, cooking is a free-for-all as far as I’m concerned. Just add what you want, in the amount that you want and let ‘er rip!

And for another bit of fluff – I give you this adorable squirrel who I noticed this morning making his way from balcony to balcony – I caught him on the fourth floor on his way up to the eighth I guess – or to the roof – who knows what’s going up there other than it being a gathering place for the crows and therefore not a safe place for Mr. Squirrel. (I live on the third floor and have no balcony unfortunately.)

6 thoughts on “How stupid are you?

  1. What a great photo! Our squirrels run across our roof driving Lexi bonkers. I’m convinced they know this.

    I have one friend who has gone off the deep end into stupidity. I type out responses then delete them because I feel better saying it even if she doesn’t see it.

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    1. Sometimes that’s the best solution – nothing you can say is going to sway the stupid but just getting it said helps YOUR blood pressure…I rant and rave at home and G, just laughs at me …but it really drags you down and you just gotta let it out…


  2. Love the squirrel!

    And I have had more than ample exposure to the stupidity of others. Because of my profession, I’ve also spent a lot of time supporting other people as they process the effects of this stupidity. Exhausting for all (it’s been a long day).

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  3. Yep, I’m basically… most of the time… a one-pot cook too. Spaghetti, stew, soup, chili, whatever. And it’s never the same way twice, as you said, for the most part. Less dirty pots & pans, in my view. Yes, stupid applies to so many things in our world today. I’m questioning how wise that little squirrel is too!!

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    1. Well if Mr. Squirrel is headed to the roof then he is definitely not a smart squirrel. We also have ravens who are 3 times bigger than crows and I once saw a raven carrying and adult squirrel in his beak..eww – poor squirrel.


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