I’ve lost all my tech credentials

I’ve recently become a bit more active on Instagram. Instagram is loaded with advertisements – LOADED – occasionally a product interests me and I will click on ‘see more’. Okay? Then if I go over to Facebook I will be bombarded with ads for that same product plus similar ones. WTH?

I didn’t think it was a matter of cookies or even Google and it annoyed me, only, just this past week did I find out Facebook owns Instagram! Aha! Paranoia taken care of. I usually read all the tech news and business news and I don’t know how I missed that one. I know Twitter was sold to some big tech company quite some time ago but I can’t remember which one, nor do I care. I have never been able to figure out what use Twitter is – just people raving and ranting??? I don’t get it.

Many folks have their shorts all in a knot because WordPress is switching to the Guttenberg Editor aka block editor.

I came across this editor when I wrote/published on ‘Medium’ – I hated it and always had to work around it, total PITA. Over the years I have had WordPress blogs and Blogger blogs (I still maintain control of several Blogger blogs tho I don’t update them).

This particular blog you are reading now was created in December of last year and boy oh boy was I surprised when I started to write my first post that it was this block editor thing like on Medium. Eww! Unless I could find a work around I would have dumped WordPress and just stayed on Blogger.

But I did find a work-around – I just use the Classic editor. Took me a bit to find it and I’m using it now. I’m hoping my access to this editor doesn’t go away on June 1st. If you want to know where it is, I’ll try to explain –

See that little black box with a white plus sign in it on the bottom right? Click that…

You will get a side menu where you can choose which kind of block you want. Scroll down to ‘Formatting”, click ‘Classic’ and Bingo – there you go..

There are actually some block I find useful, like the ‘Poetry’ block but for the most part I just stick with ‘Classic” since I present a very simple straight forward format.

As I said, I don’t know if this will still be available come June 1st…but here you have it. (Goodness I have used the word ‘but’ an awful lot in this post…)

10 thoughts on “I’ve lost all my tech credentials

    1. I find the block editor just too much work! I want to just type, put in a photo on occasion and that’s it. Oh and clickable links – haven’t figured how to do that in blocks or embed a video *sigh*

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  1. WordPress switched editors about five years ago to something else abominable, which created a lot of furor among the blogging masses. I saved the link to the classic editor then, and still use that link to write posts today. I also have the link to the classic Stats page (which was “dropped” around the same time), which still has a direct link to the classic editor in a dropdown menu. WP doesn’t seem to bother actually disabling its “obsolete” functions… they just hide the access to try and force people to use the new and unimproved stuff.

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    1. I was surprised when I started this blog in December to not have the classic editor easily available as I had in the past. The block editor seems to have became the default somewhat recently (well as recent as last December). I finally found the solution I show in the post but from my limited understanding those of you who have blogs that go back a few years still have (easier) access to the old editor.


        1. No that doesn’t work for a few reasons – that is not my wordpress site name (I ‘bought’ that domain name, broadwaymatron.com after I created the blog) and as I said, when I began this blog in December there was no choice of editors, you automatically got defaulted to the block editor. And if I use the configuration you offered with the “.wordpress.com” address it automatically opens in the block editor.

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  2. My Niptini blog was on wordpress and I couldn’t figure it out then so I’m pretty sure I couldn’t figure it out now. When I blogged the other day for the first time in months, I had a hard time remembering how to work blogger!

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    1. Actually I saw a comment on another blog about how to access the old editor and we will see it it works tomorrow…it’s working today…


  3. I have no tech cred to lose. I have a brand new Amazon Fire Tablet sitting next to my chair in the living room. I’ve turned it on once, pushed a couple buttons to type in the “settings”, then turned it off and haven’t touched it since. I simply have no interest in the dang thing. My kids get so mad at me but I don’t care. I’d rather read a book. I hope Blogger doesn’t get too complicated or I might “trade it in” for a book too!

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    1. A tablet is the easiest way to read ebooks – I get mine from 2 local libraries (I’ll be damned if I pay money for an ebook – some fluff that I will only read once, if that.) I’ve had an iPad since they came on the market – I’m a MAC-head. I don’t like writing on a tablet, it’s much like writing on a smartphone – the keyboard is a PITA. I do have an external keyboard for my iPad but that too is a PITA because it is so small. Gimme big! I have a 23.5 screen on my desktop and a big keyboard and that’s where I am the happiest. I have a 9 inch iPad, I passed along my iPad mini to my husband when his Android driven tablet went kerflooey – Android sucks. I also have a 13 inch Macbook which I rarely use – again because I am the worst typist on the planet and I’m not overly fond of the keyboard on laptops. And then, I like my big screen!


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