Perhaps it’s time to

revive this song…interpret the lyrics as you wish…

Assholes on Parade
by Pat MacDonald (Timbuk3)

It’s an asshole celebration
and their all out on the street
see them on the sidewalk
oh hear them shuffling feet
as 20,000 assholes doing asshole promenade
step aside good people it’s the assholes on parade

we got the assholes for freedom
the assholes for fun, the assholes for Jesus and the assholes for guns
assholes for justice and assholes for crime
assholes for assholes, assholes for all time

We got assholes making money, they’re making all the rules,
their taking all our jobs and they’re filling up our schools
assholes on the water, assholes in the sky,
sign that says help wanted, only assholes need apply

oh teacher won’t you tell me
have i really made the grade
am i head of my class
or am i just another asshole on parade

assholes give the orders, and assholes row the boat
assholes get elected, cause assholes get to vote
i once heard it said that old assholes never die
they just lay in bed and multiply
assholes in the morning, assholes every night
assholes to the left and assholes to the right
as 20,000 assholes doin asshole promenade
step aside good people its the assholes on parade

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