I really do have to laugh at myself

because I simply don’t understand decor, themes, traditions and collections. Every time of read about such things I wonder to myself “Why? Why the hell would anyone do that?”  And of course the answer is – because it makes them happy. They enjoy it. I simply can’t fathom why.

All of that is so alien to me.  People put so much effort and thought and creativity in decor, themes, traditions and collections. I admire that. I wonder where they got the ideas for all of that. What does it mean to them.

And then I have to wonder, and laugh, why do I care? And I don’t really care so much as wonder why I find it so alien.

And are other people different from me, or am I different from other people? I tend to feel like I’m the different one – the rest of the world is in sync with each other and I am the odd one out.

I can admire something without wanting it. I mean, you just appreciate something for what it is. Or you recognize the work and the talent and the creativity that went into something without liking it per se. You just recognize the effort. Ya know?

People have skills that I am in awe of, yet, I have no desire to acquire those skills. I value their skills without valuing what those skills result in. Does that make any sense?

And it’s not simply a matter or like or dislike – I like chocolate ice cream but I don’t like ice cream with chunks of chocolate in it. I don’t think there is much to understand about that, it’s pretty straight forward, nothing there to understand, or not.

I don’t understand me more than than I don’t understand other people. I do not understand why I find the whole decor, themes, traditions, collection alien and weird.

It is just me, isn’t it?shrug

13 thoughts on “I really do have to laugh at myself”

  1. I don’t know . . . I do know that I often feel out of sync with the world — and almost feel weird when I am very in sync (like with the current sourdough craze — part of me wants to stop doing it on principal!). It’s a strange feeling and one that I am also attached to in a funny way. But that’s me.

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    1. Attached to feeling in sync or out of sync? I’ve always felt that I am the most ordinary person on the planet and yet I seem to be always out of sync. And it’s not just a matter of like or dislike, it’s that so much just is beyond my comprehension, so alien. Like I am speaking a completely different language than everyone else. It does make me laugh tho…


        1. But it’s funny – because all these things that I find alien I also find funny. I think “Wow, how do you live with all that crap everywhere” and I laugh. It makes people happy so I smile because they’re happy. And I say “Wow, that’s amazing” because to me it is – weird, senseless, to me, but amazing because of all the thought and time that goes into all those things.


          1. YES!! I’ve said the same thing to myself too, Grace. One person in particular, that I know of, has so much (what I consider to be) junk in her home that I don’t understand how she can still move around! And she goes to thrift stores and buys more of it every week! I know it must bring her joy because she says it does. But at what point does she simply stop? I don’t know what that point is but she obviously hasn’t reached it yet. *haha*

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            1. There is that, but I don’t get decor either – folks who decorate for every holiday and season – and it it is always so well coordinated. I think of all the time and effort and thought that goes into that sort of thing and wonder – why? Except of course it is their home and all that coordinated seasonal stuff makes them happy. Empty space makes me happy LOL


  2. Nope, it’s not “just you”, Grace. It’s me too. I remember my mother telling me: “Annie, sometimes there’s so many other people who are strange, that you begin to wonder if they’re not normal and you’re strange!!” That about sums it up.

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    1. And it’s finding your ‘tribe’. Perhaps I keep stumbling over people who are so different from me is because I find them interesting BECAUSE they are so different from me.


  3. I’m not sure what in particular you’re referring to because I’m thinking such broad ideas of decor, traditions and collections. I do think things can be taken too far such as many decades of collecting salt and pepper shakers for instance. Why would someone do that? But decor I think is whatever is in your house that makes you happy ranging from the color on the walls to rugs to furniture to Fiestaware. Now trends, I don’t get why everyone wants what everyone else has. Baffles me.


    1. Decor – is when people have everything matching, have a theme and most of all people who decorate for each season and holiday. Obviously even someone like me has to have some stuff and the stuff I have is all very similar ’cause I can’t be bothered wasting brain cells on coordination and styles. So all the area rugs are the same color/pattern. The color palette is the same from room to room. No thinking involved LOL I suppose what prompted my latest “I don’t get it” is when some said they were changing their bathroom decor and all their old ‘decor’ items were in their driveway for ‘no contact’ pick-up and they showed photos of all the items. I have to admit I did that once – did a whole yellow rubber ducky bathroom theme. Boy that got old quick, it became annoying as all hell. My current bathroom decor? Dark green bathroom rugs. Traditions – anything done over and over in response to some sentimental prompt. Collections – oh shit anything that isn’t used on a regular basis – If you don’t use it, if it doesn’t have a practical application why have it? Ok, yeah I have a few doo-dads that live on my bookshelves that have sentimental value – but so few and like everyone who has LOTS of such doo-dads, they make me happy. I am periodically dumping books too – I look at some and think, “Not only have I not read this book, I don’t even know WHY I have it” – DUMP.


      1. Ah, got it! I don’t understand matchy matchy or themed either so you’re not alone! I don’t decorate for holidays either except for one or two things outside so it looks like someone actually lives here. I can deal with decor but I’ll never understand why people have so much stuff they don’t use! We have a neighbor who has so much cheap crap, her house looks like the Dollar store inside and out! I get anxiety when I
        go there because it’s sensory overload. It’s just two of them in a 4 bedroom house and each room is full and even then her stuff has overflowed into the two car garage so the cars sit outside. I’m getting a stomach ache just thinking of it! Give me rubber duckys over hoarding any day! 😂


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