Of course you have!

Have you ever gotten enmeshed in a book series and somewhere along the line start casting the movie? Of course you have. I just DNF a Jonathan Kellerman “Alex Delaware” book  and, after all this time reading this series, it crossed my mind who might play the character Milo Sturgis. No one came to mind, Milo is such a well defined character as to physical appearance and personality that I can’t imagine anyone but him playing him LOL The character Alex Delaware, not so interesting, kinda blah, could be anyone.

And speaking of book series, early on rabid fans of the “Stephanie Plum” series by Janet Evanovich, were all excitedly casting the movie version of the books. I think we all agreed that Sandra Bullock would have made a fabulous Stephanie and I personally was rooting for Benjamin Bratt as Ranger. I could never come up with a good Joe Morelli but Estelle Getty would have been the definitive Grandma Mazur.  They did actually make  a movie  of the first book and the casting was totally meh.

There have been 26 Stephanie Plum books and quite frankly they began to pall by the 10th one. Even before maybe. But the first 5 or so – hysterically funny.

So do you have a favorite book series character? And if they made a movie who would you cast in the part? Or is the image in your head all you need and want?

3 thoughts on “Of course you have!”

    1. I had to look up Brendon Frazier – I vaguely remember him from when he was young, now that he is old, I can see it, if they mess up his face a bit. I wonder what he sounds like because I can hear Milo’s voice in my head so I have expectations of his looks and his voice. While I certainly know who Denzel Washington is I’m not sure who Alex Cross is – a detective series, right?

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