Miscellaneous Mishegoss

~ The one thing we have learned from this lock-down is grocery shopping on Senior Discount Thursdays isn’t worth the 5% discount. When we first moved here we shopped on Tuesday and never had a complaint or problem. Then the cashiers kept hocking us to shop on Thursday for the discount. And that’s when grocery went to hell in a handbasket. Thursdays the store is out of everything – week after week (year after year). The first 3 weeks of the lock-down the lack of  EVERYTHING on Thursday was insane. Then – we switched back to shopping on Tuesdays – what a revelation – milk and bread! Yay! Once the supply train gets back on track we will maintain our Tuesday shopping schedule.

~ But it does have us discombobulated a bit as to “What day of the week is it?” The day after grocery shopping is Friday, nope, it is Wednesday. I grant you being retired and living in social isolation as our normal, we often got a little fuzzy about the exact day of the week, now with the shopping switch it’s a little worse but hardly the end of the world and we will adapt.  First world problems, people.

~ Yesterday in my instagram video I shared my fun fact that in New York City people stand ON line whereas in the rest of the world people stand IN line. If I have occasion to use the phrase ‘stand on line’ when I am writing, I write it that way, I’ve never use the phrase ‘stand IN line” It sounds as weird to me as ‘stand ON line” sounds to everyone else. We NY’ers, we talk funny. (Remember  this post?)

~ Thanks to the generosity of a blogging friend we got masks 2 weeks ago. I had ordered masks from an Etsy store 3 1/2 weeks ago and finally got them today. I think complaining to Etsy did the trick. As soon as I filed a resolution request, Bingo, all of a sudden my order was at the post office. Who knew Etsy’s complaint resolution department first of all even exists and secondly, it works!. I’ve never had a problem with shopping on Etsy but it’s nice to know that going forward, if I ever do, they have effective procedures in place.

~ And then, the best for last – a friend posted on FB a DIY face mask video that is hilarious. I was watching and thinking “Hoo-boy, this woman is a disaster” and it took a minute or two for me to tip that the video was SUPPOSED to be funny.  You will laugh, I guarantee it (and who doesn’t need a good laugh these days?)

5 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Mishegoss”

  1. around here in SoCal, the food stores start their week on wednesdays. meaning the ads come out on wednesdays. in fact the discounts can be from the last week and the new week on wednesdays only. the local food store has $5 fridays and many items are $5. they also place discounted meat/seafood out a couple times a week and i miss going and getting some great deals.

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    1. Yup, weekly sales start on Wednesday and run for a week – so still available on Tuesday. My local store doesn’t get major deliveries until Thursday night/Friday afternoon so on Wednesday and Thursday there is a dearth of not only the sale items but regular groceries as well. Dairy delivery is Friday afternoon so on Thursday there is often NO milk at all. And that’s during normal times, with the lock-down grocery availability is even worse on Thursdays. I’m sure the thinking is that they want the store fully stocked on weekends when most people shop. There are major deliveries on Mondays as well so Tuesday is really a primo time to grocery shop (avoiding weekends). I think they made Thursday Senior Discount Day on purpose, knowing that the store would be low on stock and if seniors actually wanted things like bread and milk they would have to come back on another day.

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  2. GRACE!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy to be in touch again. I have so missed your blog entries. Thank you for answering my SOS, looking for you, on Ann’s page. I’ve got your address here on my list of blogs again and I’m so glad.

    Yes, being retired makes this whole “social isolation thing” pretty much no different than regular life, doesn’t it. To be honest, our lives haven’t changed a whole bunch except for hubby missing his hardware store runs. We’re staying home & staying safe… cos if it’s not a virus, it’s some nut with a gun or somebody behind the wheel filled with road rage. People are now just realizing that it’s not safe out there??!!! *lol*

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    1. We have lived in “social isolation” for 12 years now, tho admittedly when we lived in Philadelphia we went out a bit more, if only to walk to the bakery LOL Here in NoVA, well, there is no place to go and no way to get there without a car and even then – no where to go LOL Plus my husband is perfectly happy never leaving the apartment – just the grocery store and doctors – that is out life and has been for years. So I keep thinking “What’s the problem for these folks?” but then I vaguely remember when I was out and about in the world – I miss that.


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