Everything reminds me of a song.

This morning’s “Morning Musings” with Rory (of A Guy Called Bloke)  was about, amongst other things, words. So naturally my mind jumped to the song “Words” by the BeeGees – I’m not a big fan of the group but this is such a total earworm –

Ah but then later in the day Buddy posted Remember Me (Wednesday Whisper), a pretty picture and a lovely poem I guess you could call it. So lovely. And that reminded me of a song by the greatest duetists of all time – the inimitable Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt – “Please Remember Me” If you have never heard it, please give it a listen. So fabulous. And do please go and read Buddy’s post –

3 thoughts on “Everything reminds me of a song.”

  1. Grace, I feel the exact same way–everything reminds me of a song! I once told someone that I see my life as a film with a soundtrack. Even when I walk the streets of the city, I always have my earbuds on, listening to songs as a soundtrack 🙂

    Enjoyed the song. Gosh, I haven’t heard that in ages.

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    1. And don’t you associate a song with the significant people in your life? Everyone who has ever been important to me is linked in my mind to a particular song. Years ago, I did blog posts about them – The song that is my husband is “My Funny Valentine” – “Is your figure less than Greek, Is your mouth a little weak, When you open it to speak, are you smart?”


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