30 Years – Who’da thunk it

Obviously not me because I completely forgot (and so did my husband but it’s not his fault, he has a terminal case of CRS!)

April 7, 1990

We met the old fashioned way – through a personals ad in the Village Voice – I lived in New York City, he lived in Vermont..

11 thoughts on “30 Years – Who’da thunk it”

  1. I’m glad you remembered because I love seeing these photos! Happy 30th Anniversary to you and G!

    When I tell my mom Happy Anniversary on her and Jerry’s day, her reply is always “oh shit!” She forgets every single year! Lol

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    1. I know it’s in early April because it is around the same time as two of G’s kids birthdays (one on the 5th and one on the 8th) I actually thought it was the 9th, good thing I checked. The whole wedding was a nightmare, not my choice of date or venue *sigh*


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