It’s a flip-flopping amazing day!

What an incredible stunning day! It’s 64º but feels much warmer, sky isn’t as blue as it could be but I’ll take it. There is the lightest of breezes and all the windows are open. The only sound is – birds, just birds. (Okay, right this very minute I can hear a helicopter but given where I live that’s to be expected – spitting distance to the Pentagon, near enough to military bases that on a clear night I can hear them blow taps and  6 miles to the White House – what can I say?)

All winter long I was worrying about my pet tree – a Japanese dogwood. It certainly looked dead as a door knob but – Poof! – just like that, practically overnight, she has leafed out and bloomed again. I love my tree!

Had to go to the grocery store today, I jerry-rigged some masks and lo and behold I got everything I went for – still empty shelves (No soup for you!) but my husband got all his junk food – no, not chips – sweets. I don’t eat sweets other than the occasional superior bit of chocolate. (Damn, I love See’s candy.)

Best of all, sausages just got delivered! I love me my sausage. Saw a posting on Nextdoor over the weekend that a local charcuterie delivered. Who knew there was one here? Not me! Got me some Greek style lamb sausage and Irish style bangers. I love Irish bangers – Guess what’s for dinner tonight – You got it – bangers and mash.

I know the rest of the world is in turmoil but my world is just fabulous – well today anyway. We have lived “lock-down” style for years so our daily lives have not changed at all, until I read the paper (which gets delivered to my door) every morning I am unaware of what is going on in the outside world because except for a weekly trip to the grocery store I am never in the outside world.

I realize most people are having a problem coping with this lockdown lifestyle but for some of us it is life as usual.

8 thoughts on “It’s a flip-flopping amazing day!”

  1. Happy to hear you’re having a great day! I have windows open here too listening to birds, frogs, every so often a trash truck (one for each trash, recycling and yard waste) and Lexi growling at the neighbor cat, Ziggy. Glad you had a successful trip to the store too! I had to Google Irish bangers but I certainly knew what See’s was! 🙂

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    1. Fresh made sausages,mmm, I’m gonna be in heaven. I’m actually going to be eating dinner tonight, I don’t usually but I want those bangers. Two or three days a week I cook a complete meal but I make George eat it for lunch. It upsets his schedule but he wants that nice cooked meal LOL Then for his dinner he will have what he usually eats at lunch. And really, you should have your biggest meal in the middle of the day instead of at night. (It’s just passed 3pm and the bad weather is starting to roll in but boy oh boy was it a glorious morning!


    1. I know you don’t eat meat but I do like my sausage. We’ll be getting storms through the night, it already rained some this afternoon – but it is lovely looking out my windows!


  2. Grace, yesterday was the same here. I actually walked to the park and sat under a tree, while listening to music on my phone. It was such a gorgeous day! I too am not minding the “stay at home” regulations right now because I actually enjoy being at home. I can find so many things to occupy my days with.

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    1. Since I ‘stay at home’ ALL the time, my life has not changed very much aside from now I HAVE to go out for groceries since I can’t get groceries delivered (too much demand, no delivery times available for the past 3 weeks!) I was lucky to find the meat delivery, BTW – the sausages were delish!


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