Fun with Fotos and…

My cats don’t exactly like each other. When they do share the same space, they keep their distance but, what always fascinates me, they mimic each others position. Sunday afternoons, more often than not, they can be found in bed, separate, but together and same as – the photos never come out very good because the light in the bedroom isn’t great so I duded them up – 

First – the Picasso effect

And then the scribble effect

Moving on – yesterday I was looking out the dining room windows and to my left, just at eye level, if you’re standing on my neighbor’s balcony, I noticed something odd in the tree. This morning I put the long lens on my camera to see if I could get a better look. It is some critter’s nest. I haven’t seen any critters going in or out but it is interesting, no?

NEWS FLASH – After I published this and I was looking at it on my big screen I noticed something furry in that nest! Could it be? A squirrels nest? I’m thinkin’ it is!

4 thoughts on “Fun with Fotos and…”

  1. That’s funny how the cats mimic each other.
    I saw the fur in the pictures too. That would be fun to watch the activity in that nest.

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    1. I didn’t notice the fur when I was editing the photos but when I viewed the post (on the same computer I edited the photos) boom, there it was. I wish I could see that tree from my desk, as it is, I will have to stand at the dining room windows and crane my neck to the left, I wish I had binoculars, I’ll have to keep the long lens on the camera to follow any activity.


  2. I was going to comment that the big fuzz there definitely seems to be a squirrel’s tail! Squirrels will make nests about of about anything they can find…. usually leaves and sticks, but I know someone who throws out their dryer lint for the squirrels to build nests with. That’s the first squirrel’s nest I’ve ever seen made out of cotton, though!

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    1. It’s quite exceptional don’tcha think? I put the long lens on my camera since I don’t have binoculars and I checked several times this morning – no activity. And it does look like cotton bolls doesn’t it? I’m in the South but not that South LOL


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