Just craving a little magic

Right after commenting that I have been watching zero amount of tv I watched a movie last night on Netflix – “Change in the Air”  and it has left me craving a little magic. Not Penn and Teller magic but – hmm, how should I call it? The magic of the unknown; the magic of belief, of love, of healing, of peace to the heart. The ethereal, makes no sense but it brings warmth. That kind of magic. You can make of the story as you will, as you want to believe.

Practically it has a phenomenal cast doing their best work – quietly as the story is. It left me smiling and warm at heart and craving magic of that special kind. I shall have to try and figure out a way to make some magic.

I did actually make food yesterday in my new slow cooker, beef stew,  and it was good but too rich for us. My husband and I are both feeling queasy today (you really don’t want the details.) We are not used to such foods anymore, most especially me.

I’m a tad annoyed with my husband’s children, that they are not checking in on him. His son, who never ever calls or emails did call 2 weeks ago and you could have knocked my husband over with a feather! Middle child, who hates my guts, also called a week ago (and didn’t ask for money, which was a shock) and that was a cause for wonderment. The youngest child calls once a week, emails once a week, so there is that. She has been good about staying in touch over time.

My husband is far from the great communicator so some of this falls on him. I don’t interact with his two eldest children except to write the checks and send the cards. The youngest and I communicate more perhaps because she is amenable to it and because I think she appreciates the good care I take of her father. Plus, she is a very nice woman. (I refer to ‘the children’ despite them being 41, 38 and 36 LOL) Eh, it is what it is.

I’m still anxious about obtaining food supplies, I’m just about out of milk so I’m going to have to learn to drink my coffee black, or just stick to tea – I’m not too thrilled with that – I don’t drink a lot of coffee but morning just doesn’t seem to work without it. My husband doesn’t seem to be worried at all about anything, he just assumes I will figure things out and make them happen. If I die before he does the man is going to be up shit creek without a paddle!

4 thoughts on “Just craving a little magic”

    1. Ah, just got to back up a bit, find a quiet spot to veg and have a chat with your Dad (yes, I know – but that’s where the magic comes in. I had a lovely ‘chat’ with an old friend last night.)

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    1. It is stew Italian style – very rich – too much for us with our senior stomachs – when I was young I could eat anything with impunity – the typical cast iron stomach – now? We’re getting close to pablum time. Ah, what goes around comes around – the 7 ages of man ala Shakespeare.

      We aren’t having any NEW family issues – just the same old ones, still in place and bothering me because my husband deserves better.

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