Let’s beat this dead horse a bit more, shall we?

The search for food has now become an amusing obsession. Delivery from approximately 10 stores in a 20 mile radius has no delivery times available until April 1st. How one could put together a shopping list is problematical because everything is out of stock. Interesting – Can I get nothing delivered on April 1st, please?

I shop primarily at Harris Teeter and they have instituted ‘Seniors Only” shopping hours. 6-8am on Monday and Thursday, the thing is the store doesn’t open until 7am but hey…They also have Senior Pick-Up times available if you order on-line but that requires personal shoppers and there are no available slots for the next week and a half.

You really have to laugh at this stuff. No, really you do because what other choice do you have?

I was up at 3:30am today – don’t know why, just woke up and there I was. Until I got the newspaper it never crossed my mind that life was any different than usual, it took the headlines to remind me that everybody’s new normal is my same old-same old.

According to reports people are watching more tv these days, contrary person that I am, I am watching less, okay, make that none! Since I discovered 2 weeks ago that the pain in my hip seemed to originate from sitting on what passes for a sofa in our house, I haven’t sat on the damn thing. The only time I ever sat on it was in the evening to keep my husband company watching stupid tv. Now that I don’t do that the only place for me to watch tv is on my computer sitting at my desk, which quite frankly is quite comfortable. The thing is, I spend all day at my desk and computer, come evening I’ve had it.

I suppose eventually I will get around to watching the season finale of ‘This Is Us”, and clean out (delete) anything on the DVR. I keep putting things on the watch list for the numerous streaming apps we have but I’m thinking I’ll be dead before I ever watch them – even if I live to be 100. In the meantime I am enjoying NOT being in pain and being able to walk reasonably well. There’s an upside to everything!

Today is going to be the last nice day for awhile, 2 nice days in a row and then blammy – back to chilly, overcast and possibly rainy (the rains came and never left).  Perhaps I will take my pain-free hip and newly rejuvenated walking ability out for a trial run and amble up to the little grocery store on Glebe, how much you wanna bet their shelves are just chock-a-block with goodies? Not exactly the ones I’m wanting but I bet I can get eggs and milk. I don’t need eggs and milk at the moment but I bet I can get them!

Oh – when I was checking the Harris Teeter website, their already outrageous prices seem to have gone up ($7.99 for a dozen eggs!) -the seltzer my husband drinks went from $5.69 to $8 something for the 12 can pack –  price gouging anyone?

Oh it’s a wonderful life!

8 thoughts on “Let’s beat this dead horse a bit more, shall we?”

    1. What you do is just live your life. If you can tele-work then you work. You get up each morning, have your breakfast, showers, dress, sit and work. If you have private outdoor space, a garden or such, you go out and get some fresh air, then you lunch and work. All the usual stuff, just do it all at home. I don’t know what your grocery situation is – that you’ll have to figure out for yourself – but it is life as usual but with a few tweaks.

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        1. This has been my life for years so what choice do I have LOL I am still obsessed with the lack of ability to obtain food, that IS causing me anxiety.


  1. Did these people used to eat out for every meal? Why else would all food suddenly be gone? Most of the restaurants in our town are still open for take out or delivery so really, not much is changed. I’d think it’d be the same everywhere. It’s just all nuts!

    We watched This is Us Wednesday night. I have so many unanswered questions! The writers are so good!

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    1. My friend Holly, who lives nearby, refers to the population of my general area as ‘hipsters’ and they are the ones ravaging the stores near as I could see. There are many families, mostly upscale, so they are the second wave. Understand I also live in a very upscale (read: entitled) area – so the ‘hurray for me, the hell with you’ attitude is pretty much the way people operate around here.. Yes, still restaurant delivery and take-out but you know, gotta grab whatever you can so no one else can get it.


  2. Whoa, I thought the eggs prices in our store were high. Our last delivery, our cost went up so we are now charging $3.99 a dozen.

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    1. I don’t know why egg prices have jumped so much – I never buy eggs in HT because normally they are super high and I can get the same exact brand of eggs for $2.29 at Trader Joe’s or my local small market that HT charges $4+ for. One would think that a large chain would have better buying power but it just doesn’t seem to be so.


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