Good news/Bad news

Let’s start with the good news because – why not. 

We have two granddaughters, Princess T, who is 2 1/2 and her sister, Princess C, who is 7 months old.  Our daughter sent us this photo yesterday. The story behind it is too cute – 

“This morning, when I went to get T out of bed, she asked if C could get in bed with her.  She shared  her Otter books with C and said “Nonna and Grampa give it to me.  They’re mine but I can read them to you. She didn’t want me to take a video, so the video is her saying ‘I’ll wait until after you take the picture'”


The Otter books she is referring to are a series by Sam Garton based on characters he created for a blog. I love these books and own a few just for myself. Daughter says Princess C’s favorite character is giraffe. If you have young children in your life you might want to check these out. So delightful.

The bad news is – today’s grocery shopping excursion was not very successful. My local grocery store is still a wasteland of empty shelves. I was able to get food for my husband and he stocked up on cookies and cakes. I got one loaf of stale bread, so with the peanut butter I nabbed last week I have whatfor to eat. I tried Instacart to see if I could get some staple pantry items but no deal – none available in the six stores that I tried. But that really doesn’t matter because there are NO DELIVERY TIMES available.  I’m not sure where all these people who say food is no problem are shopping. 

For those folks who wanted to see and hear me, here is the link for the vlog video I made from December 2018. (yeah that’s me )

7 thoughts on “Good news/Bad news

  1. I’ve been reading that supplies to stores are slowly getting to the stores because of the way stores stock and the way delivery systems are set up they’re not set up for a mass buyout but only have enough stores on hand for a certain amount of days it’s on a as needed basis. It’s not that the stores don’t want the items it’s because the store houses have not kept up with demand because of the way they buy items. I’m sorry you’re having problems and I hope it will ease up soon for you.

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    1. I suppose I can keep trying Instacart and see if any of the stores within a 20 miles radius ever get stock in and the delivery is possible. Doesn’t matter if they have stock if I can’t get it! (And aren’t my granddaughters too cute?)

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  2. Hey Grace [- first a great video to watch, am watching The Pink House too as l type my response to you now 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the food situation – stockpilers have a lot to answer for as do retailers for allowing it to happen in the first place – hopefully this will sort itself out for you soo, as soon as the infrastructure returns and deliveries to stores are an event again.

    We have similar problems here, Suze has been on/in an online queue now since this morning – she started at 51345 position, here we are 9 hours on, and she is 7345 – l agree where the hell do these so called people shop when they say it is easy??

    Take it easy 🙂

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    1. Oh I hope you get a chuckle out of the video. People were taking snide swipes at me on-line because I’ve been whining about the lack of groceries available – seems where they live there is no shortage. Well whoop-de-do for them! Some of us don’t have cars to drive all over the place looking for simple things like bread and milk. Eh, we will survive, one way or the other. I’m just glad Uber is still operating because the busses aren’t! It ain’t easy being old and disabled.

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      1. No, l can understand that – l no longer drive – Suze is the only driver – l worry for her when she goes out into the world. There are no busses running here, but there haven’t been busses running now in this part of the village for 4 years or so, and none since lockdown.

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  3. That photo is so sweet! ❤

    Loved your vlog! I remember that one but it’s always good to hear you tawk so thanks for sharing it again!

    It’s crazy how people are stockpiling so much stuff and leaving nothing for others. I went to Costco today and they had plenty of everything except no TP and they were limiting eggs and chicken to one item each per person. I needed fruit, veggies, avocados and potatoes so there was plenty of that. I’ll be glad when everything gets back to normal but I’m not expecting it to near as soon as some in Washington think so.

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    1. What’s most annoying to me is the loss of income for so many people who were living on the edge to begin with – to hear all the entitled little assholes, who have to work from home. complain how they can’t cope! Oh puleeze! You still have a job, the money is getting deposited in your account, oh, you can’t go out and party? Oh you poor little sod! Of course they can go out and buy food they’ve never eaten before, but boy oh boy they’re gonna get it anyway before someone else does – Oh puleeze don’t get me started LOL


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