Let’s see now…

I wanted to do a vlog – I used to do those on occasion and while I was doing it there was some sort of glitch and I figured I would just edit it out but – the new and improved iMovie is impossible to use – I was a whiz with the old one, haven’t been able to figure out the new one, Apple apps kinda suck – big time.

Then I tried downloading a few (a few!!) free movie editing apps and they were no better – either I have gotten more stupid with age or this shit has gotten more complicated. The funny thing was I was looking at a few videos I had uploaded to Youtube and found one from Dec of 2018 wherein I nattered on about – food. How I hated eating and cooking and how boring food was – Well son-of-a-gun people, you think my current attitude is new? Nope – this has been going on awhile. I should post the video for goofs and giggles.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is grocery shopping day – can’t wait to see what I won’t be able to buy this week. And it’s not just our food that is out of stock/non-existent but my cat’s food is not available anywhere – after much checking of every shopping site I have (and there are many) I found their food at Jet.com. I ordered a lot – a lot!

Jet is now owned by Walmart and I can get a lot of the groceries I need, not want particularly but need, except Walmart doesn’t deliver groceries – I don’t know if they ever did but they aren’t now – at least not what I need (like cat food). Of course you can order and pick-up except – we don’t have a car! And, the nearest Walmart is 15 miles away – like in another county. Actually the one in D.C. is closest in miles but even harder to get to from Virginia.

And for all my whining we are still way better off than a lot of people. I mean for one thing my husband and I are totally accustomed to social isolation – leaving the apartment only once a week and speaking to and seeing no other human beings but each other for years!

You wanna see that vlog I did over a year ago? Let me know and I will bore you with it, or have you laughing in your seat – whatever.

7 thoughts on “Let’s see now…

  1. well know wonder you have video problems…you have apple. lol jk πŸ˜‰

    i guess you feed your cat a special diet/food? i was at 2 local markets yesterday and the pet isle had lots of cat food, both dry and caned but the dog food side was pretty bare.

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    1. I love my MACs and i electronics but Apple apps suck – any app with i in front is going to suck but the OS is the best, go figure. My cats are eating Fancy Feast medleys, white meat chicken florentine with garden greens in a delicate sauce – to be very exact and that precise flavor is out of stock everywhere including Chewy. They do also have prescription dry food but we have plenty of that.


  2. I want to see the vlog! Love hearing you tawk! Our cats are getting low on food too and I saw Angel’s food is sold out at Chewy. I’ll have to go out and see if I can get some in town. We switched her to Fancy Feast naturals because they changed their formula on the regular FF which caused her to scratch her ears all the time. Bella still eats the regular FF pate since she has no teeth. The formula change didn’t bother her. Nothing does.

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    1. You’ve seen it but I put a link in today’s post. It’s reassuring to know that I’m not crazy and paranoid about being the only person who can’t get food and supplies of the most basic sort!


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