Ready for a little weird??

Back story: Last week a friend sent me flowers. They have resided on my dining table since then.  The only time they have left the dining table is when I changed the water and clipped the stems on Sunday. I pretty much stare/look/gaze at this vase of flowers many times during the day. I move the vase closer and farther away from me depending on how much table space I need.

This morning I had breakfast, moved the vase around. Actually did a closer scrutiny ’cause I think they are on their last legs.  The flowers are pretty tightly wedged into the vase – like so

Now then – did you notice something odd in the bottom of the vase?

Yes, there is a penny – heads up. The weird part? That penny was NOT THERE at 8:30 this morning! It somehow magically appeared between 8:30 and 11:30am – in that 2 hour time frame I showered and dressed, did some work at my desk – I was away from the dining table for those 2 hours.

Now a little more back story – My father, who is deceased, would always leave me pennies (heads up for good luck) at stressful times in my life but he stopped doing it quite a while ago and I missed that, and missed his presence.

So – where the hell did that penny come from? Is my Dad back, letting me know he’s still watching out for me? I don’t know. I do know this is just plain weird. I’m quite used to weird mind you, but I haven’t had a lot of weird in my life in a long time. I’m kinda glad it’s back.

12 thoughts on “Ready for a little weird??

  1. That’s more than a little weird! What an amazing thing to happen! I don’t even begin to understand how that penny got in there but I’d like to believe it’s your dad letting you know he’s there. ❤

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    • Totally freaked us both out! I have no way whatsoever to account for this. At no time was money or wallets handled in ANY place in the house since quite possibly last week when we ordered pizza – which was paid for at the door and it did not involve coins. Hi, Pop!


    • George is less weirded out by this than I am – he has gotten used to all the weirdness that surrounds me – it has been largely missing for a lot of years now, I am comforted that it is back (and a little excited.)


  2. Excellent – who knows Grace, maybe so – l hear things and see things and feel things all the time. I have had a gift since l was a youngster – l am not religious but there are things that are too easy for some folks to ‘diss’ because they don’t know and yet l think there are some things we may never know ….

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    • The “gift” runs in my family. When you grow up with it it just becomes part of life – Oh Grandpa called? That would be the grandpa that died some years ago. True story that – it was just after my mother’s sister , Jo-Jo had passed. The phone rang in my mother’s home and I answered it – caller said “I want to talk to Julie” I handed the phone to my mother, she listened, said “Thank you”, hung up. I said “Who was that?” She said “Grandpa Joe, he just wanted to let me know Jo-Jo was okay” So many stories I could tell. When people would scoff at my ability to ‘read’ people and communicate with those who have crossed over, I simply say “Believe what you want, this is my experience.”

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  3. you are wuite right, l have grown up with it, and only occasionally do l ‘use it’ most of the time l speak to my guide. a lot of people don’t get it, they think it’s something that you can win lottery numbers on, it isn’t it’s a feeling, a sense, a sixth plus sense of something other than the other – as you know 🙂

    Yes l totally agree, ‘my gift, my experience if l wish to share you have two choices, you can believe or not’.

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    • I “read” people, I use Tarot cards but only as a tool to help concentration I haven’t a clue what each card means, and when I tell people about something that might happen I have to emphasize that IF they continue on their current path then this is what the result will be – that’s when you get the lottery number idiots chiming in – eh, we could sit down with a cuppa’ and talk about this for days!

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