What delights me and what frightens me

Delight: I don’t know if you are half of an old married couple in your 70’s (as I am) but if you are then you should be aware of the comic strip “Pickles”. I swear the man who creates this comic has my home bugged. There have been strips that were verbatim conversations my husband and I have had, like today’s strip –


Frighten:  I live in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, DC and a mere stone’s throw from the White House. The Washington Post is therefore my hometown newspaper. In  today’s Metro Section (aka Local News) there was THIS ARTICLE  – titled “Gun and ammunition sales rise amid pandemic fears”.

Should you not wish to click over and read the article I’ll quote the parts of the article that frightened me most.

“Okay, so I got 9-millimeter over there,” said O’Connor’s helper, Dave Fullarton, ushering in the morning’s first buyer, a fellow in his 30s wearing a T-shirt with the logo of a construction company. “And I’ve also got Hydra-Shoks over here. Now, those are law-enforcement-grade hollow points.”

The man smiled, sounding relieved. “Amazing! Is there a limit on how much I can —”

“Buy as much as you want!” said Fullarton.

“Thank you!”

He gathered four boxes of PMC Bronze 9mm cartridges — 200 rounds in all — and 50 of the high-velocity 12-gauge shotgun shells that O’Connor makes herself.

“All right,” she said, tallying $222 plus tax.

Leaning toward her, he said quietly of the shells, “These’ll get the job done if need be?”

“Oh, yeah.”

And he grinned again.

“Good. You never know what’s going to happen, right?”

And that, my friends is frightening.

11 thoughts on “What delights me and what frightens me

  1. From the ‘brighter’ half of a long married, late middle-aged couple, I identify completely with that cartoon strip. I stay in South Africa… I don’t want to know about what’s happening in the gun stores. World going mad.

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    • Pickles is a most delightful comic strip! Not to get all political but the USA has been a less than wonderful place to live for quite some time, most especially since the Dump became president, but he just exacerbates long standing problems. I wonder that people still want to come here to live – how horrible it must be where they live. There is a mind-set in this country that I have never understood.

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        • Yes that was a kind of simple-minded remark for me to make – of course there are places in this world that have dreadful living conditions, I know that and I was being thoughtless.


  2. We’ve had quite a few conversations like that cartoon!

    I read an article in the Washington Post this weekend about Las Vegas and people there are buying up guns and ammo too. Seems that something on Snapchat showed people breaking into homes with everyone home to steal food and supplies so hence the rush on firearms to protect themselves. I don’t even think this is happening (yet) but because some dumbasses put it on Snapchat, other dumbasses believe it’s true.

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    • Oh around here sometimes I just scream “Make up your mind! Pick something! Anything!” I really hate the mind-set of this country – the right-wing nutballs, the christian nutballs, the gun nutballs, – oh my, the hatred and the hubris and the intolerance…


  3. i have been reading/hearing the news of “panic buying” of guns and ammo all over the usa!!

    in an area near where i live, the community is largely asian. the residents were out buying guns and ammo. some were reported as saying that since they were asian they feared attacks by non-asians.

    “yellow fever” is real as many reports have people confronting asians since the covid-19 outbreak.

    the world has truely gone MAD!

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