It has turned out to be the MOST gorgeous day.

It is currently 3:48pm and 80 degrees! !80! After an overcast morning the sun has finally made an appearance and the wind is whipping through the trees.

And that is the only sound aside from bird chirps and the occasional dog bark. It is SO quiet here. Lovely.  I like quiet. I am super fond of quiet.

Our apartment overlooks the rear entrance to the building and the parking lot. There is usually a lot of activity out there, if only from the delivery trucks and assorted contractors who are always working in the building. The parking lot is usually fairly empty of cars during the day, with everyone off to work and all – but all this week the lot has been chock-a-block with cars – I think people are afraid to leave not because of the virus but because they might lose a spot. (Gotta have your priorities, people!)

One would think that the delivery truck traffic would have increased but it hasn’t and I’m thinking all the repair/renovation projects have been put on hold.

I’m reading where people are still a bit tense and edgy. If I were, but I’m not, I think watching a kitty sitting by a window, having a bath, while the breeze blows the curtains lazily in the air, might be soothing.  And so I give you Miss Frankie Lulu Belle on a lazy Spring afternoon…

2 thoughts on “It has turned out to be the MOST gorgeous day.

    • My curtains only go down to the window sill and her new cat perches reach to just under the window sill so when the windows are open the curtains pass right over her…I think she enjoys it but no, it doesn’t faze her a bit – only vacuum cleaners, brooms and BB upset her!


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