Today was grocery shopping day

which always puts me in a bad mood because I hate grocery shopping and I hate the store I have to shop at (it’s the closest one, we don’t have a car and round trip via Uber comes to about $20 with tip. We’ve been taking the bus one way to save some money.)

Anyway, Thursday is Senior Citizen Discount Day, which is why we shop on Thursday, and the store is usually filled with old farts, like us, trundling slowly, and seemingly aimlessly, up and down the aisles. I don’t trundle slowly or aimlessly, so my patience wears a bit thin. Then the store is almost always out of the main things I need, like bread and milk.Β  Today the store was out of EVERYTHING.

The canned soup aisle? Empty. The pasta shelves – Empty. I didn’t go down the paper products aisle because I didn’t need any but I’m betting they were pretty much empty too. No milk – at least not quarts or even half gallons. I only use milk for my coffee so I don’t need anything more than a quart – so no milk for me.

My husband eats fresh baked bakery bread and he got his loaf of bread. I eat 647 bread – low carb, low calorie bread and the shelves were empty! BUT – there was the delivery fellow there and he said he had it on the truck and he would have some on the shelves in about 10 minutes. Yes! I thanked him and said I would be back. We finished our little bit of shopping, circled back to the bread aisle and – no bread. Damn! I waited a bit and chatted with another delivery man who represented a different bread line. He was charming and apologetic – why he was apologizing for the other guy, I have no idea. Anyway, I got tired of waiting (and waiting) and said “Oh well, I guess Harris Teeter wins again, no bread for me”. I thanked the man for the conversation, wished him a good day and toddled off to the check-out.

We were standing on the very long line when all of a sudden both bread delivery guys come up to me – the fellow who delivers my bread and the fellow who I was chatting with – I was offered my choice of white or wheat (I chose white) and I thanked them both profusely. Seems when the 647 bread guy came back, the other bread guy said I had been waiting and they both came looking for me. So Sweet. So Kind. Just made my day – Bless them both.

Now here is the other thing that had me laughing at the grocery today – the place was packed, at 11 in the morning, with 20 and 30-somethings. What the hell? Why weren’t all these young people at work? I’ll give you one guess. Yup, coronavirus stock-up. Either they were told to stay at home, or they opted to stay home, from work.Β  There hasn’t been a huge outbreak of the virus around here (but then again I haven’t checked the news this morning) and these young people aren’t the target population. All us senior citizens are, so this morning was probably not the best time for the young folk to be in close proximity to us – for our sake and theirs. Yet they were. And yes, every wagon was chock-a-block with toilet paper, paper towels and tissues. Also bottled water.

So – except for Miss Bitch at the cash register – I actually enjoyed my grocery shopping trip today.Β  Tomorrow is a Trader Joe’s shopping trip – I can only imagine what TJ’s will look like and I am now wondering if they will already be out of stock of all the things we buy – if so, I haven’t a clue what the hell we are going to eat for the next week.

27 thoughts on “Today was grocery shopping day

    • I hope I thanked them enough. I hadn’t got to the register yet (I was still on line) where Miss Bitch was exuding her usual malevolence which automatically makes me snarky.


  1. I had a similar story about an hour ago!

    I live in NYC and went to Trader Joes and the place was packed… I’d say 50% of items were already sold out. But in fairness they could charge $15 for Clorox wipes and I’d still buy them!

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    • We usually go to TJ’s every 3 weeks – it’s a pricey Uber trip for us, and we stock up on the staple items we have been buying for years! We have found that in this part of the world (Washington DC metro area) most folks shop TJ’s on Saturday so we know that on Friday most items are stocked. With all these young people home from work I suspect, since so many are TJ shoppers, that our Friday trip may be disappointing.

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  2. i like food shopping. i went yesterday (wednesday) and had to laugh at some of the same things you noted…toilet paper,(why???), bottled water(why????). most of the surface cleaning wipes were gone, but i can understand why. i saw one man with an arm load of the wipes and dry salami/sausages. seemed odd combination.

    nice bread guys.

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    • I HATE grocery shopping – Not sure why because while I have little or no interest in food at this point in my life I wasn’t always disinterested in food but I have ALWAYS hated grocery shopping. The bread guys were really special, weren’t they? I didn’t go down any of the cleaning supply aisles either so don’t know if they were ‘wiped’ out as well. I buy, on-line, in bulk, paper products, cleaning supplies etc – it’s just the day to day stuff like milk, bread and my husband’s sandwich stuff, that I get in the grocery stores.

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  3. My shopping trip seems boring in comparison, flour to bake bread, cartons of soy milk, fresh veggies in cardboard boxes, well, plenty of everything within walking distance πŸ™‚ but those Checkout Chicks can be the pits!

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    • Because the store was so crowded our regular sweet and lovely cashier Richard had been put on bagging because he was “too slow” and Miss Miserable, an Ass’t Manager usually at the Customer Service Desk (a bad fit for her and the customers) was checking people out – she was fast all right – literally throwing my groceries at me as I bagged my groceries. I’m sorry she has such an unhappy life but damn, I paid for those groceries, no need to throw them at me!

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        • Grocery store employees are not taught how to bag groceries – I bring my own insulated bags and bag most of my groceries myself – it’s faster, easier and it gets done properly. Richard usually does a paper shopping bag for me, with the bread and soft squishy stuff. I’ve had a cashier/bagger throw potatoes on top of tomatoes! If they thought just throwing things in the bags willy-nilly was going to speed up the line they would be wrong because I then have to re-bag everything at the counter.

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          • Kudos. You are staying on top of the situation. It is compulsory to use recycled or insulated shopping bags here, and a handy alternative is the self-checkout where I can scan and pack my own groceries. If only that would give me a reduction in price!

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    • Those bread delivery guys were so sweet. We just got back from Trader Joe’s and it was as bad as expected – and just as funny. I only bought half as much stuff as I usually do because – EMPTY shelves. The cash registers are at the front of the store and that’s where the line started! Front door, down one side of the store, across the back, up to the front again – it was a hoot! There were no shopping carts so my husband and I each got one of those little carry baskets. Our cashier was a sweetie and I was pretend complaining about the lack of carts and he started laughing and said “Oh thanks for that I needed a laugh” Plus the Uber driver actually picked us up in from of TJ’s, instead of us having to walk a couple of blocks dragging our groceries, Plus the temperature is going to go up to the 70’s today (that would 21+C), the rain ended early, the sun is shining and all my windows are open – so Happy Friday the 13th – It’s a great day!

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  4. The grocery store is in a category of ‘ necessity’ in my life. I’m grateful to be able to drive to so many different stores and find new things. As I was cooking dinner lastnight, I had all the ingredients needed to make a beautiful meal. The stores are missing items of convenience, (canned items) because we’re spoiled. You won’t find a shortage of ingredients. πŸ™‚

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    • I don’t have the luxury(?) of access to lots of stores. Last week there was a shortage of everything! It was amusing. I don’t cook much, and I don’t buy ‘ingredients’. We did wonder why the pasta aisle was cleaned out, soups aisle as well also no bread, milk, eggs – what are known as staples. It was crowded so I didn’t buy some of the things I needed like tea and fruit cups – it’s not the end of the world for us LOL I can live on peanut butter sandwiches – I hate to shop, cook and eat.

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      • I didn’t used to. When my daughter and I began our life solo, we moved to a house on 40 acres. Civilization was far away, but we made it into a day trip once a week and enjoyed it.

        Same thing with the second move. Five acres out in the middle of nowhere, but we decided to move closer in and I’m grateful to have so many options.

        I haven’t made a sandwich in eight years.

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