I have no good reason but

I’m feeling all upbeat and chipper. I got a really good nights sleep and while I didn’t get up in such a good mood but my mood has progressed nicely as the morning has moved on. I did cut my hair this morning and that always makes me feel better – I left the top a bit long and the back and sides real short. My head feels so much lighter – I HATE hair, I’ve tried the bald look and it is so NOT a good look for me.

I’ve always thought my face was very androgynous looking and as I have aged and sagged I appear even more so. I have never, ever liked to have my photo taken and there are damn few photos of me extant but the one thing I like about my iPhone (and instagram) is taking photos with silly filters. My granddaughter loves this photo and (according to her mother) often demands to see “Silly Nonna picture” –

Nonna Kitty

This morning, after I cut my hair, I thought I might post a photo because I have a friend who a) likes my hair and b) is always amazed that I cut it myself.  So fooling around with Instagram filters and then iPhone edits I came up with this rather dramatic looking, smirking me…I’m not sure you can tell whether I am male or female, and I’m not sure in this day and age whether it matters. Of course if there was a full body shot of me there would hardly be a question of my gender but then again – no, even surgery can’t get you legs like mine – I’ve got great legs and they are definitely lady legs.

I kinda like the smirk tho it looks a bit like I might have some sort of “condition”. My only condition is age and cynicism…


6 thoughts on “I have no good reason but

  1. That’s two conditions, but who’s counting? Perhaps one is dependent on the other. (But I don’t believe it to be necessarily so.) Happy for you that the trim makes you feel good! Oh, an nice picture.

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    1. Aww come on dear Mr. David neither one is a condition but rather a state of being! Unfortunately I look exactly like that photo! The first one…okay, no, the second one.


  2. It’s sweet that your granddaughter asks to see the silly picture! As I said on Instagram, your photo from today is stunning! The lighting accentuates you beautifully. It looks like a professional photo! If I attempted to cut my own hair, I’d have to go bald to fix it! It would definitely not be a good look on me!

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    1. I took a similar photo of G and sent it to Princess T, she calls it “silly Grandpa” picture. The photo is kinda cool, portrait mode, stage lighting. Ah, you have BEAUTIFUL hair, best left to professionals fer sure.


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