I’m very tired today

not just physically, which was to be expected, but mentally and emotionally. So tired. I feel flattened, deflated, uneasy. Every little thing seems to upset me.

I don’t spend a lot of time on social networks – I have them all – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – whatever all else there is – I always sign up for anything new and shiny and then discover I have no use for, or interest in them.

I deactivated Facebook today – not because of all the political posts – I don’t see any of those because I don’t subscribe to any of them. I have 33 ‘friends’ and that is a few too many – I approved friend requests from people who I did indeed know but who I have no interest in, so I put them in a particular category and I never see their posts not do they see mine.  I think, out of those 33 people, less than 10 see my posts and I theirs.

Yet – FB just annoyed me today – other than the occasional post by our daughter, there’s nothing and no one I can’t find/contact by other means.

I’m just very tired today.

5 thoughts on “I’m very tired today

  1. I have a rule that works for me. I don’t do anything, like make a decision, or take an action if I feeling something. I wait until I’m in a very neutral space to make a move. With no emotion involved. There is nothing that will make us happy darling. We have to decide to be.


    1. I never do anything wherein emotion is not involved LOL I have no notion of what being in a ‘neutral space” even means…OTOH I never make snap decisions either tho most people perceive that I do – they just don’t know all the thought that goes into making a decision, sometimes YEARS of thought go into making a decision. But once decided, then DONE. I don’t subscribe to the philosophy of deciding to be happy. Sometimes a thing will make me happy, sometimes I just am for no discernible reason, I’ve been known to burst out laughing for no apparent reason. My shrink once said to me, with amazement in in his voice “You are basically a happy person” and that made me laugh. Last night I slept like the dead, work up this morning feeling well and rested. I like feeling well and rested.

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      1. Oh my….Isn’t it sweet that we have this connection here, but are all unique? I cannot imagine my emotions having the upper hand. Lol

        I do choose to be happy each day. Sure things happen that need to be dealt with, but they don’t dictate my happiness. There are different levels of being happy, so maybe that is what your counselor saw.

        I’m glad you rested. I love that feeling too! ❤

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        1. Hmm – levels of happy, huh? Well, I guess so. Happy as in pleased that something worked out well and then spontaneous happy just because. I am one of the silliest people you will ever meet – sometimes silliness overtakes me and makes me laugh at myself and other people wonder ‘What the hell…?” Lawsey law – but laughing is my favorite thing!

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