I would be bopping in my seat

if I had the energy. But this afternoon I spent several hours rearranging furniture including moving a bed, 3 bookcases (filled with books and tchotkes), a file cabinet and a rug.

If you remember  THIS POST then you’ll know what I am talking about. That bookcase I said I had to move to the living room? Ha – it has now been moved back to my office and that makes me happy because 1. I HATED it in the living room – too big and bulky and 2. Now I have room for my toys.

And – those two crystal balls I was waffling about keeping? Yup, in the trash – Yay! My husband was shocked and surprised that I got rid of them. I’ve had the little one about 40 years and the huge one about 30 years and now they are gone-gone-gone.  And – I feel so much lighter in my mind.

I did all the moving and rearranging by myself but my husband did help me roll up the area rug and stash it in the storage room. I’ve got a bad back (like no disks between the lumbar vertebrae) and while I am just a little stiff and achy now I expect tomorrow I shall be pretty much immobile

But – today, right now, I am a very happy camper!

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