Everything reminds me of something else

I call it squirrel brain, or ping-pong brain, which should really be called pinball brain because my thoughts ricochet from one thought to another – 

Anyway, I read THIS which had been inspired by THIS but I never got past #5 on either list because squirrel/ping-pong/pinball brain kicked in and sent me in search of these – 

Now then, you can click either of those links (or both – they are WP blogs BTW) and see what prompted this post or just settle for what I dredged up from my long-term memory. 

5 thoughts on “Everything reminds me of something else

        1. I am going to exercise extreme self-control and not click that link until later, I just made a nice big mug of tea and there is a book I want to get back to posthaste LOL Big super thanks for the link…😘

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