It's not you,

it’s me.

I deleted all comments that have ever been made on this site and I have turned off the comment function.  It’s not that I’m not interested in what you have to say, I am but you say it on your own blogs, right? So you don’t need to say it on my blog.

Because comments usually have nothing to do what I have written and that, for one, annoys me and two, I have no way to respond.

Now that could be because I am not making myself clear, so folks in attempting to be kind, pick out a word or phrase or something that they might relate to, and comment accordingly.  I sit here and read it and think “What the hell does that have to do with what I wrote?”

Let’s be honest, I have done that too in commenting on a blog, something they wrote resonated with me and my comment became all about ME and not them. I try really hard not to do that, I’m sure I don’t always succeed.

I write here for myself, I’m not interested in generating any attention or revenue. It has just become easier to type out my thoughts, even tho I hate typing, and have spent the afternoon trying to find a free app for my iPad to use with my Apple pencil so I can handwrite posts and then just import them into the blog, rather than keep a pen and paper journal (whew! that’s one hell of a run-on sentence). (Besides, I have been using a word processing program for so many years I have forgotten how to spell and NEED spell check.)

I’ve had a blog, on one platform or another, for 15 years. Back in the day when blogging was new and shiny comments were fun, exciting even. Comments became a springboard for a deeper discussion of the blog topic. And they weren’t all sweetness and light(weight). I miss that. We weren’t rude or antagonistic but we did disagree and there was much back and forth and it was good. Now – comments are all “Thank you” “No, no, no Thank you” and “Oh this is terrific” – What does that add to the discussion? Nothing, but you know, no one is offended either. No one is asked to consider another POV – just all sweetness and light. And that is ok if that works for you. If that’s all you want.

I’ve been on and off WordPress many times – my last time around I was reading blogs that were a bit weighty and witty – this time around I seem to have stumbled over blogs that are just concerned with ‘challenges’ – I honestly don’t know WTF that is all about but obviously it fills a need for a lot of people.

This time around I also found myself reading a lot of mental health blogs (as they categorize themselves) and that was just so painful. I was getting really worried about some of these people – there were posts that were heart wrenching and very disturbing.  I had to stop reading them – I was in no position to help these folks, and I didn’t really understand their pain but oh boy could I feel it.

I suppose I could just try searching, by hashtag or category, for people who are writing what I’m interested in reading – Good idea!

I will share with you the blogs I do enjoy –

A Guy Called Bloke – He has a lot of categories of posts, I skip most of them but he also features of lot of music and that has expanded my listening horizons.

Melanie B Cee – She is a very funny lady, sharp and acerbic. She does the occasional ‘challenge’ – mostly I skip those, but when she writes about personal things, her life and her outlook on life – I’m there.  She is very relatable.

And then there is this guy – Ian Huston author of The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company. This guy totally cracks me up, just makes my day whenever he posts. Half the time I have no idea what he is talking about but he does it in the most delightful way. Gotta love it, and I do.

One more – Jim Webster. He’s got this running series about rebuilding the village hall which has been keeping me very entertained and I’m waiting for the next installment.

So that’s it for me and my rambling thoughts of the day. Since there is no comment function, if anyone has read this, look how much time I’ve saved you.

If anyone feels compelled to agree, disagree or excoriate me – there is now a “Your 2¢” page where you can comment – feel free to use it, if you like. There is also a contact page that you can use to email…Have fun!