Baby it’s cold outside…

It’s a tad brisk here – funny how cold really bothers you more when you get old.  I lived in Vermont for some years and when it comes to cold and snow they have a pretty good wrap on that. Not as bad as Minnesota say, but cold enough so cars have block heaters and you plug your car in at night if you want any chance of it starting in the morning.

My cats have never lived anywhere near that cold but you know cats, they do love the warm. Miss Frankie has been spending her time hanging out on the heating units these past few days –


It was much easier for her when we lived in a house where the heat vents were in the floor –

Lots of old folks move to warmer climates, out west to Arizona and south to Florida. But Florida does have it’s cold snaps and now the catch phrase is “Watch out for falling iguanas”.

Some 10 years ago during a cold snap, my brother who lives in Ft. Lauderdale, sent me a series of photos depicting just such a situation. I put the photos in a slideshow called Frozen Lizards –

While I am not incredibly fond of Winter and cold and snow and ice, I’m also not fond of Summer with heat and humidity. Somewhere on this planet there must be a place where the weather is perpetually moderate – eternal Spring or Fall.