I’m thinking about music today

Not listening to it much because I have no way to listen to music anymore except on my computer or my iPod and that sucks. I liked records, I even liked cd’s, I was never into tapes.

I was born in 1946 and by 1956, when rock and roll was was hitting the airwaves I got my first portable radio and 2 years later I had a transistor radio with an earphone. We also had portable record players – everywhere we went we had music – and we danced, oh man, did we ever dance.

I haven’t listened to radio in decades – decades! My vinyl was all ruined from sitting out on a dock in the Bahamas (after sitting in a ship container for even longer) but I slipped easily into the cd era. I can’t say that I have been all that thrilled with the mp3-player era – I just found making playlists the most tedious thing on the planet.

We have hundreds (and hundreds) of cd’s – my husband, back in the day when it was easy to do, converted just about all of them to mp3’s and stored them on a back-up drive.

Anyway, that’s not the point of my musings. When you are old and hardly going out clubbing anymore or listening to the radio, and getting grumpy about how music was better in the old days, how do you hear new music?

I read the entertainment section of the newspapers, the music reviews and then I’ll check out anyone who sounds remotely interesting. But my other source of new music is British television shows and movies – damn but they have some great soundtracks.

Last night we were watching the first episode of a British series (“The Split”) on Hulu. My husband is usually in charge of the remote (see the last comic strip in my previous post) and while he is usually so s l o w with the clicker, he can be damn quick to bounce out of the credits at the end of a show/movie. Me, I’m a “wait for the credits” person.

As the episode was was wrapping up with visuals, no dialogue, a song was playing and it captured my attention, I realized my husband hadn’t clicked out and was listening to the song as the credits rolled. We simultaneously said – “That’s a great song!” We didn’t see it named in the credits so I used the handy-dandy website Tune Find to see if I could locate the name of the song.

Turns out to be by a young woman who performs under the name CLOVES. And lo and behold she’s on Youtube – so here you go, my latest favorite new music –