Ah, Sunday morning OCD

OCD Nut job in action: Our living/dining area has 22 foot wall with 18 feet of windows across it. I have ivory lace curtains on those windows. I usually wash the curtains 3-4 times a year, the Fall washing went by the wayside because I was dealing with my husband’s care.

Last night I went to bed with curtain washing on my mind. This morning I jumped out of bed at 6:30am with only one thought – Wash the curtains! Must wash the curtains! I don’t have my own washer/dryer, I have to use a community laundry room so getting laundry done early is imperative.

I bounced, okay, I shuffled, out to the living room, announced to my husband “Help me get these curtains down” and by 7am the curtains were in the washer. I then commenced to wash the windows, and after my husband’s morning nap and shower, Boom, the curtains went back up. By 9am all was right again in my little squirrel brain.

Today is also a gorgeous Spring day in the middle of January! Yesterday we hit a high of 72º but is was overcast with a chill breeze so – didn’t feel all that Spring-like. But this morning – Ah, this morning! Bright sunshine, cloudless sky, lovely breeze and 68º

Gotta love it!