We were out and about this morning

First an Uber ride to the library because we had to renew our library cards. We have to do this every two years so we can prove we live in the county the library serves – heaven forfend that some devious person from another county might borrow a book.  But I get their caution, with the popularity of ebooks, and the cost for the library to purchase them, the library wants to know that only tax paying citizens are using their ebooks, purchased with said tax payers money. BTW – many libraries will no longer carry ebooks published by Macmillan – if you are interested you can read about it HERE.

While I was complaining to the nice gentleman at the Customer Service Desk that we only use ebooks because we are physically unable to access the library on a regular basis (any trip would entail a cab/Uber ride) and having to come in to renew our cards was a bit of a PITA, and expensive, he told me that the next county over, larger and more affluent, let any STATE resident get a library card. We would have to make one trip, and it will be expensive, but we will then have e-access to the largest library system in the state – Whee-oo!

I actually went on-line, registered for a library card, got a temporary pass and have already downloaded some books. Whatever that trip will cost us it will be so worth it.

From the library we took another Uber to Trader Joe’s – our bi-monthly trip there – when we came out, sitting on the bench in front of the stores was the most gorgeous, heartbreakingly beautiful creature I’ve had the pleasure of seeing up close and personal in a very long time. I fell instantly in love – His name is Oshi (not sure of the spelling) and he was just as sweet as he was beautiful…