I’m not sure anyone needs two crystal balls…

I love change. I have the attention span of a two-year old. And I have a low boredom threshold. And I like new and shiny. I haven’t always been this way – when I was young I lived in one place for 7 years – the building was falling down around me, the neighborhood had turned into a war zone, no one would come and visit – it was past time to move but oh how I resisted! On the other hand I have always bought mostly cheap furniture so when I get bored with it I can toss it without guilt or regret and replace it with more cheap furniture LOL  Any-hoo…

Because of my husband’s incredibly loud breathing/snoring/snorting/coughing there are nights when I don’t get to sleep until 4am, when he gets up. This has been going on for, oh, I don’t know – 30 years?  30 years of sleep deprivation – it wears on one. (And yes, I have tried ear plugs, got soft cushy ones that conform to your inner ear – they hurt!)  While we have lived, mostly, in places with 2 bedrooms we didn’t always have an extra bed or even a full size sofa. We have lived in 2 story houses but that didn’t work for noise isolation because a) he is that loud that I could hear him even in the basement and b) we have always lived with cats and closing the bedroom was not an option – loud snoring versus loud caterwauling – this is not a great choice.

Our second bedrooms have always been my “office” – you know what Virginia Woolf said – and sometimes we managed to stuff some kind of fold up bed in there just in case someone needed to crash – one place we lived had a finished basement and we put guests down there – me, I don’t do basements.

Noise levels being off the charts lately we decided we would buy a real bed and put it in my office so I could get some sleep. This meant that I had to take one of my three bookcases out of my office to make room. And that meant I had to get rid of some books. Not a real hardship getting rid of some books, I had already started to sort and dispense with books I had no need to keep. BUT –

I’m not a tchotchke person but I do have a few odd keepsakes which have always lived on my bookshelves – I  now had to re-distribute them over 2 bookcases instead of 3 (the 3rd bookcase got moved to the living room and my husband has it filled with his personal books and stuff). Two of those keepsakes are crystal balls .

I am now wondering why I need to keep two crystal balls – one HUGE one and one rather small one. The small one I had bought myself in the crystal ball store and the large one was a gift from my brother along with a deck of tarot cards – the Tarol of the Cat People.  I have not used either of these crystal balls in decades – do I need them? Probably not but I can’t bring myself to dispose of them either – well, maybe the little one can go – but the big one? It was a gift; and it was also used quite frequently and to good effect.

I usually have no problem tossing stuff, or giving stuff away – but this crystal ball – proving hard to get rid of.