Fun and Games

There was the most hilarious typo on a blog I read. I do believe it was a cut and paste from another blog which I don’t read. Not only did I laugh but so many snarky replies, the typo was contained in an question, came to mind that I was cracking myself up. Since there was no way that I could see to contact the blogger privately I didn’t comment because pointing out typos publicly is bad form.  Oh but I did so laugh my ass off – perhaps it was a Freudian slip on the original bloggers part. Anway, thanks for the laughs, I needed that!

I am so fed up with ads all over the interwebz. When at all possible I hide them, report them, close them out (yes, yes – I have ad blocker on my chrome browser but for some reason on my iPad chrome extensions don’t work and I spend an equal amount of time on my iMac and I do on my iPad).  With the amount of money we pay for just about everything on the interwebz including ACCESS to the interwebs this ad thing smack in your face all.the.damn.time is beyond my patience to ignore it.

Has anyone (besides me) noticed that when you use Google to search the first 10 or so results are ads? Just me? The funny thing is – I was watching the screen and a whole bunch of hits showed up and in nano seconds they disappeared to be replaced by ads, then the (somewhat) appropriate sites showed up. WTH? Google brought up the results and then immediately pushed them down and placed at least 10 ads at the top.  I was not amused. I have no patience for this shit. I have now switched to Duck, Duck, Go. We’ll see how this goes. Also too, Chrome as a browser is plucking at my last nerve as well. All things Google and Facebook/Instagram annoy me to hell and back!

And speaking of Instagram – The actor Leslie Jordan started a cute IG feed (or whatever it’s called) and I started following but it bugged me. You wanna know why? Mr. Jordan’s signature line is “Well, shit” – oh no. No, no, no, no,no. That belongs to me. I am way older than Mr. Jordan, and I’ve been saying “Oh, shit”  and “well, shit” for more years than he has. I can walk into a room, look around, and apropos of nothing at all announce “Well, shit”.  And honestly, I am 9 years older than Mr. Jordan and he looks at least 10 years older than my real age. So there – (Shee-it). So, anyway I’m not finding Mr. Jordan funny anymore and I stopped following him. THBBFT!

There are things that are troubling me

or perhaps troubling isn’t quite the right word, well yes it is for some of the things that my brain refuses to let go. Other things are just – a trifle heavy in my head and heart, making me sad. Both sets of things are taking up too much head space. I have to keep telling myself this –

let it go

That last bit is really the most important – I can’t expect these people to understand where I’m coming from. I could try to explain but it would almost sound as if I am saying I am better than they are – and that’s not true, these are good and kind people whose lives are, and have been, so very different from mine. I can understand their POV, really I can, but I know they can’t understand mine, tho they would try, I just know they would.

And then there are those things that are making me a bit sad, my heart heavy – well, that’s where the first bit comes in – let it be. I’m here, they know where to find me. Time to let it be, let it go, shrug my shoulders and move on.

Perception Disconnection

It is indeed July, and we have the a/c on because it is hot and oh so very humid and I am wearing a light sweater because I’m freezing (old building, probably after-the-fact air conditioning system).

Buddy71 posted this morning  Monochrome Monday (Summer Edition) and as I read it, with my sweater on, shivering a little, I thought ‘Summer Edition’? This must be a repeat. Then I realized that, yes, it is Summer!

And that reminded me of a poem I wrote a while back – and even tho it is not grey and dreary today, the disconnection is the same –

     the windows are closed tight
     and the sky is grey and dreary
     and it is chilly inside
     and I am wearing a sweater
     my mind registers ‘Winter’
          in July.
Perception disconnection.

(© Grace St. Clair July 2015)

Innocuous bush-wah

Bigger isn’t necessarily better, or – sometimes it’s not the cost but the quality, or name brands aren’t always all that and a bag of chips…

All that and a bag of chips is outdated slang, from the 90’s, that is the 1990’s, and lately it has been creeping back into my speech – don’t know why except that it makes me laugh… But I digress – as usual.

I had (operative word ‘had’) an Omron digital scale, not the fancy kind they have now which measure all manner of body configurations, just a plain ole scale that informed you of your weight. It was about 4 years old and I paid a whole bunch of money for it (maybe $60?).  Seeking to replace it I, of course, Googled best digital scales and a particular brand kept coming up – Etekcity. And lo and behold, you can get a basic digital scale for $19.99 and better yet? It is way better than the expensive Omron ever was.

More innocuous stuff – what makes my heart go pitty-pat? Microfiber cleaning cloths! Oh yeah! I’ve know these existed for years, I even had one the cleaning company left as a little gift 8 years ago when we had the house we sold cleaned after we moved out. I did not realize how terrific these things are until I couldn’t buy scrubber sponges.

Like food, my local grocery store is STILL out of everything on a regular basis including stupid sponges. 4 months into the whole covid-19 lock-down thing and, because we don’t have a car to drive here and there and back again, we do without a lot of stuff. Hell, even when I tried to get sponges  on-line, Walmart decided to send them separately from a larger order and FedEx decided to lose them and it took me 3 months to get my $5.22 back via Paypal – I can’t even anymore!

Added to my now large supply of microfiber cleaning cloths I have these really cool scrubber type thingies – (from Amazon – Upstar microfiber scrubber sponges). You should look them up, one of the reviews has the headline “Yes, you can love a sponge” and it was written by a guy.

So there you go. Innocuous bush-wah. But I love my cleaning cloths, sponges and my new scale so much! (Christ, I’m easy to please…doesn’t take much to make me happy.)


Misanthropically, yours

Oh perhaps it’s just holidays – holidays always make me snarky. I understand why human beings invented holidays – to glorify themselves or commemorate what they think of as their achievements and the subsequent disasters associated with their achievements.

I don’t do holidays of any shape or sort or for any reasons. I don’t believe in glorifying or commemorating anything humans have done. I think humans are  Mother Nature’s biggest mistake – ill conceived and badly executed.

And you are saying “If there were no humans there would be no you” Yes, and how would that be a bad thing?

Eh, I don’t know what this is about except my disdain for the human race.

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