Just craving a little magic

Right after commenting that I have been watching zero amount of tv I watched a movie last night on Netflix – “Change in the Air”  and it has left me craving a little magic. Not Penn and Teller magic but – hmm, how should I call it? The magic of the unknown; the magic of belief, of love, of healing, of peace to the heart. The ethereal, makes no sense but it brings warmth. That kind of magic. You can make of the story as you will, as you want to believe.

Practically it has a phenomenal cast doing their best work – quietly as the story is. It left me smiling and warm at heart and craving magic of that special kind. I shall have to try and figure out a way to make some magic.

I did actually make food yesterday in my new slow cooker, beef stew,  and it was good but too rich for us. My husband and I are both feeling queasy today (you really don’t want the details.) We are not used to such foods anymore, most especially me.

I’m a tad annoyed with my husband’s children, that they are not checking in on him. His son, who never ever calls or emails did call 2 weeks ago and you could have knocked my husband over with a feather! Middle child, who hates my guts, also called a week ago (and didn’t ask for money, which was a shock) and that was a cause for wonderment. The youngest child calls once a week, emails once a week, so there is that. She has been good about staying in touch over time.

My husband is far from the great communicator so some of this falls on him. I don’t interact with his two eldest children except to write the checks and send the cards. The youngest and I communicate more perhaps because she is amenable to it and because I think she appreciates the good care I take of her father. Plus, she is a very nice woman. (I refer to ‘the children’ despite them being 41, 38 and 36 LOL) Eh, it is what it is.

I’m still anxious about obtaining food supplies, I’m just about out of milk so I’m going to have to learn to drink my coffee black, or just stick to tea – I’m not too thrilled with that – I don’t drink a lot of coffee but morning just doesn’t seem to work without it. My husband doesn’t seem to be worried at all about anything, he just assumes I will figure things out and make them happen. If I die before he does the man is going to be up shit creek without a paddle!

Let’s beat this dead horse a bit more, shall we?

The search for food has now become an amusing obsession. Delivery from approximately 10 stores in a 20 mile radius has no delivery times available until April 1st. How one could put together a shopping list is problematical because everything is out of stock. Interesting – Can I get nothing delivered on April 1st, please?

I shop primarily at Harris Teeter and they have instituted ‘Seniors Only” shopping hours. 6-8am on Monday and Thursday, the thing is the store doesn’t open until 7am but hey…They also have Senior Pick-Up times available if you order on-line but that requires personal shoppers and there are no available slots for the next week and a half.

You really have to laugh at this stuff. No, really you do because what other choice do you have?

I was up at 3:30am today – don’t know why, just woke up and there I was. Until I got the newspaper it never crossed my mind that life was any different than usual, it took the headlines to remind me that everybody’s new normal is my same old-same old.

According to reports people are watching more tv these days, contrary person that I am, I am watching less, okay, make that none! Since I discovered 2 weeks ago that the pain in my hip seemed to originate from sitting on what passes for a sofa in our house, I haven’t sat on the damn thing. The only time I ever sat on it was in the evening to keep my husband company watching stupid tv. Now that I don’t do that the only place for me to watch tv is on my computer sitting at my desk, which quite frankly is quite comfortable. The thing is, I spend all day at my desk and computer, come evening I’ve had it.

I suppose eventually I will get around to watching the season finale of ‘This Is Us”, and clean out (delete) anything on the DVR. I keep putting things on the watch list for the numerous streaming apps we have but I’m thinking I’ll be dead before I ever watch them – even if I live to be 100. In the meantime I am enjoying NOT being in pain and being able to walk reasonably well. There’s an upside to everything!

Today is going to be the last nice day for awhile, 2 nice days in a row and then blammy – back to chilly, overcast and possibly rainy (the rains came and never left).  Perhaps I will take my pain-free hip and newly rejuvenated walking ability out for a trial run and amble up to the little grocery store on Glebe, how much you wanna bet their shelves are just chock-a-block with goodies? Not exactly the ones I’m wanting but I bet I can get eggs and milk. I don’t need eggs and milk at the moment but I bet I can get them!

Oh – when I was checking the Harris Teeter website, their already outrageous prices seem to have gone up ($7.99 for a dozen eggs!) -the seltzer my husband drinks went from $5.69 to $8 something for the 12 can pack –  price gouging anyone?

Oh it’s a wonderful life!

Good news/Bad news

Let’s start with the good news because – why not. 

We have two granddaughters, Princess T, who is 2 1/2 and her sister, Princess C, who is 7 months old.  Our daughter sent us this photo yesterday. The story behind it is too cute – 

“This morning, when I went to get T out of bed, she asked if C could get in bed with her.  She shared  her Otter books with C and said “Nonna and Grampa give it to me.  They’re mine but I can read them to you. She didn’t want me to take a video, so the video is her saying ‘I’ll wait until after you take the picture'”


The Otter books she is referring to are a series by Sam Garton based on characters he created for a blog. I love these books and own a few just for myself. Daughter says Princess C’s favorite character is giraffe. If you have young children in your life you might want to check these out. So delightful.

The bad news is – today’s grocery shopping excursion was not very successful. My local grocery store is still a wasteland of empty shelves. I was able to get food for my husband and he stocked up on cookies and cakes. I got one loaf of stale bread, so with the peanut butter I nabbed last week I have whatfor to eat. I tried Instacart to see if I could get some staple pantry items but no deal – none available in the six stores that I tried. But that really doesn’t matter because there are NO DELIVERY TIMES available.  I’m not sure where all these people who say food is no problem are shopping. 

For those folks who wanted to see and hear me, here is the link for the vlog video I made from December 2018. (yeah that’s me )

Let’s see now…

I wanted to do a vlog – I used to do those on occasion and while I was doing it there was some sort of glitch and I figured I would just edit it out but – the new and improved iMovie is impossible to use – I was a whiz with the old one, haven’t been able to figure out the new one, Apple apps kinda suck – big time.

Then I tried downloading a few (a few!!) free movie editing apps and they were no better – either I have gotten more stupid with age or this shit has gotten more complicated. The funny thing was I was looking at a few videos I had uploaded to Youtube and found one from Dec of 2018 wherein I nattered on about – food. How I hated eating and cooking and how boring food was – Well son-of-a-gun people, you think my current attitude is new? Nope – this has been going on awhile. I should post the video for goofs and giggles.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is grocery shopping day – can’t wait to see what I won’t be able to buy this week. And it’s not just our food that is out of stock/non-existent but my cat’s food is not available anywhere – after much checking of every shopping site I have (and there are many) I found their food at Jet.com. I ordered a lot – a lot!

Jet is now owned by Walmart and I can get a lot of the groceries I need, not want particularly but need, except Walmart doesn’t deliver groceries – I don’t know if they ever did but they aren’t now – at least not what I need (like cat food). Of course you can order and pick-up except – we don’t have a car! And, the nearest Walmart is 15 miles away – like in another county. Actually the one in D.C. is closest in miles but even harder to get to from Virginia.

And for all my whining we are still way better off than a lot of people. I mean for one thing my husband and I are totally accustomed to social isolation – leaving the apartment only once a week and speaking to and seeing no other human beings but each other for years!

You wanna see that vlog I did over a year ago? Let me know and I will bore you with it, or have you laughing in your seat – whatever.

Ready for a little weird??

Back story: Last week a friend sent me flowers. They have resided on my dining table since then.  The only time they have left the dining table is when I changed the water and clipped the stems on Sunday. I pretty much stare/look/gaze at this vase of flowers many times during the day. I move the vase closer and farther away from me depending on how much table space I need.

This morning I had breakfast, moved the vase around. Actually did a closer scrutiny ’cause I think they are on their last legs.  The flowers are pretty tightly wedged into the vase – like so

Now then – did you notice something odd in the bottom of the vase?

Yes, there is a penny – heads up. The weird part? That penny was NOT THERE at 8:30 this morning! It somehow magically appeared between 8:30 and 11:30am – in that 2 hour time frame I showered and dressed, did some work at my desk – I was away from the dining table for those 2 hours.

Now a little more back story – My father, who is deceased, would always leave me pennies (heads up for good luck) at stressful times in my life but he stopped doing it quite a while ago and I missed that, and missed his presence.

So – where the hell did that penny come from? Is my Dad back, letting me know he’s still watching out for me? I don’t know. I do know this is just plain weird. I’m quite used to weird mind you, but I haven’t had a lot of weird in my life in a long time. I’m kinda glad it’s back.

What delights me and what frightens me

Delight: I don’t know if you are half of an old married couple in your 70’s (as I am) but if you are then you should be aware of the comic strip “Pickles”. I swear the man who creates this comic has my home bugged. There have been strips that were verbatim conversations my husband and I have had, like today’s strip –


Frighten:  I live in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, DC and a mere stone’s throw from the White House. The Washington Post is therefore my hometown newspaper. In  today’s Metro Section (aka Local News) there was THIS ARTICLE  – titled “Gun and ammunition sales rise amid pandemic fears”.

Should you not wish to click over and read the article I’ll quote the parts of the article that frightened me most.

“Okay, so I got 9-millimeter over there,” said O’Connor’s helper, Dave Fullarton, ushering in the morning’s first buyer, a fellow in his 30s wearing a T-shirt with the logo of a construction company. “And I’ve also got Hydra-Shoks over here. Now, those are law-enforcement-grade hollow points.”

The man smiled, sounding relieved. “Amazing! Is there a limit on how much I can —”

“Buy as much as you want!” said Fullarton.

“Thank you!”

He gathered four boxes of PMC Bronze 9mm cartridges — 200 rounds in all — and 50 of the high-velocity 12-gauge shotgun shells that O’Connor makes herself.

“All right,” she said, tallying $222 plus tax.

Leaning toward her, he said quietly of the shells, “These’ll get the job done if need be?”

“Oh, yeah.”

And he grinned again.

“Good. You never know what’s going to happen, right?”

And that, my friends is frightening.