Rory’s 5 Questions

Rory has something called “Riddikky…” and it is 5 questions. I don’t actually understand what the title of the post means, sometimes I don’t actually understand the questions. Ah, but today I actually can relate to them, so off I go –

Do you believe in ‘love at first sight?’ – No, I do believe in lust at first sight. Love takes time and patience – it is something that grows, expands, perhaps planted in lust. maybe, sometimes but not necessary. 

Cake, Dessert or ice cream and if not, why not and if so which one and why? Dessert is a category of food that encompasses cake, cookies, pies, puddings, ice cream etc.  I didn’t grow up in a home were meals were followed by dessert, with the exception of holidays. Holiday meals were so complex and convoluted that dessert didn’t get served until an hour or two or three after the main meal. That said – dessert (cookies, cake, pies, puddings, ice cream et al) is generally consumed mid-afternoon – several hours after lunch or several hours before dinner (howsomever you would like to time it). That little sugar rush that is needed when energy flags and is just that little something extra you need so you aren’t overly hungry at dinnertime and wind up scarfing your dinner like a gavone. Any of those those desserts will do, depending on what I have in the house or what I might be craving.

If you were to dance to music when no one was looking to judge or criticise or laugh what music would you listen to? Quite frankly I am a very good dancer and I’ll dance to anything – I’ve danced in my seat at a classical music performance. I dance when the only music playing is in my head. I dance wherever and whenever the impulse to dance strikes me. If it has a beat, I can dance to it. If it has a melody I can dance to it, hell I’ve even danced to Gregorian chants. If it’s music, I WILL dance. Remember – “To dance is to live, To live is to dance”

Could you spend the night in the property on 108 Ocean Avenue formerly numbered as 112 Ocean Avenue aka The Amityville Horror House or any property in which there has been a significant and profound event or even a reputedly haunted house or would it simply not bother you? I don’t know anything about the Amityville Horror House but I’m going to assume it was haunted by malevolent spirits. So – No, to malevolent spirits, and Yes to benign spirits. (You can read about the benign spirit here). As for not so benign spirits – a long story, when we were house hunting in Philadelphia. The house we were viewing had a newly finished basement with a new concrete floor. When we went down there I could feel my throat constricting, I couldn’t breathe and it felt like someone was choking me. I went upstairs quickly. Viewing the bedrooms, the real estate agent was in one and I was in the other and when we bumped into each other in the hall she screamed because she said she had just seen me in the room she came out of – we both hot-footed out of that house, double time. I’d be willing to bet that the woman she saw, who wasn’t me, is buried underneath that nice new concrete floor in the basement. Needless to say we DID NOT buy that house.

Have you ever had your palm read, your tarot done or any other alternative prediction rituals performed? Yes, of course. Actually Rory and I had a discussion about this in the comments on this post. I use tarot cards when doing readings. My mother used just a plain deck of playing cards to do readings. If you are an ‘intuitive’ reader it doesn’t matter what kind of cards you use, they are just a tool to maintain concentration, you are actually ‘reading’ the person, not the cards. I can be hard to read because I have that skill and I will block someone I don’t trust. I grew up with card readings, phone calls from the deceased, the casting and removing of spells – just a normal day for me growing up.

That was fun!

I never do these but this amused me

The ‘these’ of which I speak are prompts and challenges (or whatever they are called).

First up – Paula Light of Light Motifs II – Thursday Inspiration 59 – Hair

My contribution, a poem I wrote after I had hacked my hair off –

Phantom Hair

It’s an odd feeling – phantom hair.
Fluffing hair that isn’t there,
I have no feelings of despair.
It will return, I have no doubt.
Until it does, I’ll do without.

Grace St. Clair
July 30, 2010

There will be a second post to answer Rory’s questions.

How stupid are you?

That, of course, is a rhetorical question. Those to whom it is addressed won’t recognize themselves. (Growing up I was always told never to use the word ‘stupid’ because it was insulting and demeaning – so, perfect usage here, don’tcha think?) I rarely, if ever, comment or write about anything political and I’ll maintain that stance even now. There are many folks who are writing cogently and coherently on the status of the USA, far more so than I could ever, so I shan’t add my ire to the fire. Tho it did occur to me while I was in the shower this morning that the acronym POTUS can easily be abbreviated to a more descriptive form by removing the T and U – leaving – POS.

Moving on to fluff –

I’m a ‘throw everything in one pan’ type cook. Back in March I bought a slow cooker and the best and only use I’ve had for it is to make my version of beef stew. I tried doing pork in it but no matter how much I trim the pork it just winds up to be a big pot of liquid pork fat. Draining off the fat is a huge mess and PITA – so beef stew it is. The only upside to making stew in this pot is that I don’t have to pay attention to it – don’t have to be aware that I must rouse myself to go to the kitchen and stir it so it doesn’t burn or stick to the pot or whatever else may happen to an unattended pot of food. That is also a downside because in the slow cooker the ‘juice’ never thickens and I have to make a slurry to thicken the sauce. I’ve never been fond of adding flour to my juicy concoctions – I really prefer to have it cook down naturally into thick, rich goodness. Oh well, can’t have everything.

Every time I make stew it is a little different than the time before – I vary the seasonings – today I added chili lime seasoning – that should be fun, hopefully give it a bit of a kick. Also, after I browned/seared the beef I mixed up the liquid elements in the same saute pan so I could get all the nice brown bits. The liquid elements in my beef stew are: a small can of no salt added diced tomatoes, red wine, a packet of no salt beef broth, some water, a couple of healthy shakes of Worcestershire sauce and for additional flavor a whole bunch of garlic. There is no measuring. I only measure for baking – baking is science, cooking is a free-for-all as far as I’m concerned. Just add what you want, in the amount that you want and let ‘er rip!

And for another bit of fluff – I give you this adorable squirrel who I noticed this morning making his way from balcony to balcony – I caught him on the fourth floor on his way up to the eighth I guess – or to the roof – who knows what’s going up there other than it being a gathering place for the crows and therefore not a safe place for Mr. Squirrel. (I live on the third floor and have no balcony unfortunately.)

I’ve lost all my tech credentials

I’ve recently become a bit more active on Instagram. Instagram is loaded with advertisements – LOADED – occasionally a product interests me and I will click on ‘see more’. Okay? Then if I go over to Facebook I will be bombarded with ads for that same product plus similar ones. WTH?

I didn’t think it was a matter of cookies or even Google and it annoyed me, only, just this past week did I find out Facebook owns Instagram! Aha! Paranoia taken care of. I usually read all the tech news and business news and I don’t know how I missed that one. I know Twitter was sold to some big tech company quite some time ago but I can’t remember which one, nor do I care. I have never been able to figure out what use Twitter is – just people raving and ranting??? I don’t get it.

Many folks have their shorts all in a knot because WordPress is switching to the Guttenberg Editor aka block editor.

I came across this editor when I wrote/published on ‘Medium’ – I hated it and always had to work around it, total PITA. Over the years I have had WordPress blogs and Blogger blogs (I still maintain control of several Blogger blogs tho I don’t update them).

This particular blog you are reading now was created in December of last year and boy oh boy was I surprised when I started to write my first post that it was this block editor thing like on Medium. Eww! Unless I could find a work around I would have dumped WordPress and just stayed on Blogger.

But I did find a work-around – I just use the Classic editor. Took me a bit to find it and I’m using it now. I’m hoping my access to this editor doesn’t go away on June 1st. If you want to know where it is, I’ll try to explain –

See that little black box with a white plus sign in it on the bottom right? Click that…

You will get a side menu where you can choose which kind of block you want. Scroll down to ‘Formatting”, click ‘Classic’ and Bingo – there you go..

There are actually some block I find useful, like the ‘Poetry’ block but for the most part I just stick with ‘Classic” since I present a very simple straight forward format.

As I said, I don’t know if this will still be available come June 1st…but here you have it. (Goodness I have used the word ‘but’ an awful lot in this post…)

Perhaps it’s time to

revive this song…interpret the lyrics as you wish…

Assholes on Parade
by Pat MacDonald (Timbuk3)

It’s an asshole celebration
and their all out on the street
see them on the sidewalk
oh hear them shuffling feet
as 20,000 assholes doing asshole promenade
step aside good people it’s the assholes on parade

we got the assholes for freedom
the assholes for fun, the assholes for Jesus and the assholes for guns
assholes for justice and assholes for crime
assholes for assholes, assholes for all time

We got assholes making money, they’re making all the rules,
their taking all our jobs and they’re filling up our schools
assholes on the water, assholes in the sky,
sign that says help wanted, only assholes need apply

oh teacher won’t you tell me
have i really made the grade
am i head of my class
or am i just another asshole on parade

assholes give the orders, and assholes row the boat
assholes get elected, cause assholes get to vote
i once heard it said that old assholes never die
they just lay in bed and multiply
assholes in the morning, assholes every night
assholes to the left and assholes to the right
as 20,000 assholes doin asshole promenade
step aside good people its the assholes on parade

Just because I

think it or feel it doesn’t mean I have to articulate it. Lots of thinking/feeling things going on right now and while I would love to dump it all out somewhere, it just isn’t appropriate. At least not for me. I realize there are some folks who are very forthcoming in ‘public’; I am not one of those people.

I did post a bit about it on Facebook and my friends were oh so very supportive and kind, bless them, every one! But there is so much more and even as I am writing this, with all that is going on, I am crying. It’s not the end of the world and no one died but my brain is full of good and bad thoughts. What are you gonna do, eh?

As I was scrolling through blogs this afternoon, I realized there are blogs that I read every word of, no matter how many words there are, and others that I scan perhaps the first paragraph and then click off – sometimes because the topic has no interest or sometimes it is a post that is too long. And if it doesn’t catch my attention in the first paragraph I know I’m not going to be interested in the whole thing.

I’m that way with books as well. There was a time that if I started a book I finished it – no matter if I liked it or not. Not no more. I will give a book one chapter, just one, if it doesn’t have my attention then – bloop – closed, done, finished, over.

Perhaps because I am old, subconsciously I feel that I don’t have all that much time left so my patience is thin with anything that does not deliver instant delight. No time to waste here folks, no time to waste.

Going to try and stick to the point

This morning as I was putting on my earrings I had my usual struggle with my left ear. I thought, geeze, I’ve had pierced ears since I was 16 and the holes are just the same size now as then. And then I thought about other things, like…

I was born in 1946, keeping that in mind, I never, as a kid, was told I couldn’t do something because I was a girl. Think about that for a minute. I did not experience gender discrimination until the late 1970’s when I was told that I couldn’t have a job I wanted because “women just don’t do that”.

Oh my father would often make remarks like “Girls don’t an education” which didn’t really affect me because my parents were not involved in my life. I made all my own school decisions. I wanted to go to college so I enrolled myself in the academic (or as they might call it now – college prep) courses in high school. I think I was a junior in high school when my father found out I was NOT taking a secretarial course! Oh yes, I forged my parent’s signatures on all school paperwork starting back in 6th grade.

I grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s believing I could be anything I wanted because I was surrounded by women who worked at professions that were probably, at that time, male dominated. In 6th grade (a pivotal year for me) when my teacher dubbed me a ‘poetess’ I corrected her – I was a poet, the word being a neuter noun.

My doctor was a woman. The sister of a friend of mine was an ordained minister. In my world there were women who worked in just about every profession that, at that time, would have been considered ‘men’s’ jobs. Doctors, lawyers, professors, accountants, clergy, writers, artists – all women who I knew.

These people were not members of my family, we were completely working class, blue collar people; the men worked at manual labor, the women worked in factories. My world existed outside my family confines, looking back it was rather a big world.

And while I was thinking back on all these things, I thought “I shall write about this and ask the question – What colored your world?”

And then I thought – “Isn’t there a song with a title like that? Sure enough there is. I had completely forgotten about this song and how much I liked it way back when…monotonous as the tune is, hearing it again, I still like it, silly sentimental fool that I am –